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Brainwashing The Brainless

Chez Mars. Backup and Keith hear Veronica's hot-water-capades continue. I think Backup should take Sydney Tamiia Poitier's place in the opening credits, if he's going to have to do scenes that pointless. WE KNOW THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE POOR.

School. Speaking of characters in the opening credits, we get our weekly dose of Wallace. That's not exactly the medicine I requested. Veronica tells Wallace that she hasn't found anything untoward, and what's more, she isn't sure that Casey's becoming a tolerable human being is such a bad thing. Wallace: "Sounds to me, Veronica, like you've been drinking the Kool-Aid." Veronica snarks, "Should I check myself before I wreck myself?" Good line. But there's nothing wrong with a simple "Shut up, Wallace." Or if there is, I'm going to have to find a new catchphrase. Wallace accuses Veronica of going soft, and then Casey thankfully shows up and invites Veronica to come with him to visit his grandmother. Veronica smilingly, and slightly babblingly, accepts. Casey leaves with a smile, and Wallace mouths, "Soft." You know what three words are being said in a little corner of Brooklyn Heights right about now.

Death's bedside. I don't know what actress they got to lie still for this role, but they certainly made a good choice to make her look like a stroke victim. She looks like she could be a contemporary of Whistler's mother. Casey tells Veronica that it's hard to see his grandmother like this, and then adds that his parents' fortune comes entirely from Granny's publishing company. What's more, even though they got all their money from her, they called her "Grandmonster" behind her back and ignored her when she started having strokes. He also drops the bomb that his parents have known full well that Granny's money is coming to him for a year. Well, well, well. The parents might not have their kid's best interests at heart. I had no idea, despite the fact that they were accompanied into Keith's office by THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

Sometime later, Veronica drops Casey back at the commune, saying she wishes she could come with him. I'll bet you do, sweetie. After all, if you are Jake Kane's daughter, Casey's one of the few boys who will have a net worth worthy of dating you. It's true, there's always Duncan, but incest really loses its thrill after the first time, don't you think? Casey tells her that she could come live with the poinsettia children if she wanted to, and VMVO confesses that she kind of does want that. Poor thing. Casey heads in, and Veronica drives off.

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