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School. Veronica gets out of her car as VMVO tells us that with each passing day, she comes more to terms with the question of her paternity. I think the forum posters would like you to come to terms with the answer of your paternity, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Veronica grabs a flyer off her car, which I really think she would have noticed when she got in to go to school, and puts it on the SUV next to hers, inside which is sitting Duncan. He gets out and looks at it, seeing that it offers a free dish with the "happy family" (okay, hee) dinner at "Wok-n-Roll." Nothing says "I love you, but not like THAT, ew" like crab Rangoon. Duncan smilingly thanks Veronica, and walks off. The action around Veronica speeds up as VMVO tells us that she sent off for the test results because she wanted the truth: "But can a lab tech really see the shape of my soul in a drunken conga line of genes?" Probably not -- I can't even see it through that metaphor. VMVO wonders, even if Jake Kane is her father, would she really claim him as such, and deny the man who raised her? Wallace interrupts her reverie, and the two of them see Casey peel into the lot in a new silver Porsche. Oh, dear. He swaggers out of the car and throws a "'Sup, Veronica," our heroine's way. I think you could read that bit as somewhat ambiguous -- if he were truly completely back to his asshole 09er ways, would he even acknowledge her at all? Veronica watches in consternation as Casey goes into the school.

Veronica arrives home, mail in hand. The test results are there.

Sometime much later, VMVO tells us that she can open the results and find out whether her dad's really her dad, or if she's an heiress. She enters Keith's bedroom, wherein he's asleep. She kneels down, and after a final moment of hesitation, runs the unopened envelope through the shredder, which wakes Keith up. He groggily asks her if it's necessary that she do that at that particular moment. She smiles and answers, "Yeah. As a matter of fact, it is." Fade out.

Well, a LOT of the posters took issue with that ending. It's not in character for her not to look at the results! She needs to know if Duncan is her brother! She needs to know whom her father is to understand better why her mom left! All valid points. But I think this situation is special. Once she finds out, she can't unlearn what she knows. The knowledge could change her life irrevocably, again, and as tough as she is, maybe she's simply not ready for that. Or maybe she feels that when she's ready, she'll look Keith in the eye and ask him, rather than doing it this way, which is a pretty deep violation of trust, regardless of whatever lies he's told her over the years. Also, from a dramatic standpoint, I think it might be better for the audience to find out when there's even more at stake -- after, perhaps, the whole "who raped Veronica" mystery is solved. What I'm saying is that I didn't have a problem with this ending. Let the hate mail begin!

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