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Tessa Thompson, whom we haven't heretofore seen outside the opening credits, appears at the counter where Duncan and Veronica are having their talk. Tessa gets increasingly irritated as Veronica says that if she and Duncan weren't dating, Meg would be safe. Finally, Tessa clears her throat pointedly and is like, "When you guys are done breaking up, can I get a macchiato?" You sure you can wait two episodes for that? Veronica starts to explain that she's just the hostess, which isn't what we saw in flashback, but maybe she's been promoted due to her tireless efforts in the three months she's been working here. Tessa snots that she doesn't care if Veronica's the house magician -- she just wants Veronica to make her a macchiato. Veronica walks over to Tessa slowly and then makes a "Poof!" gesture with her hands as she snits, "You're a macchiato." Tessa, unbowed, tells Duncan that he can do better, causing Veronica to snap her head back with a shocked expression. Oh, Veronica, stop trying to one-up her and just spit in her coffee. It's more realistic, and besides, we know from later events that you don't have any trouble hocking a loogie.

Cut to a press conference in full swing at the sheriff's office. The reporters are asking Lamb questions, and am I glad to see him. I don't know that I gave Michael Muhney his due last season, but I think he adds an awful lot to the show. It's not every actor who can become an audience favorite when he starts from being Logan's only serious competition for "Image Most Likely To Be Captured In A Voodoo Doll." (Yes, Dohring has similarly become a favorite, but I've complimented his performances many times.) Also, Lamb's the most nagging reminder of Veronica's and Keith's year of ostracism. More Lamb, please. A female Asian reporter (only mentioning it because I appreciate the diversity) asks about bus-maintenance reports, pointing out that only kids from the poor side of town take the bus. I'm not sure why this is an appropriate question for Lamb instead of for VP Clemmons, but Lamb shuts her down by pointing out that the bus driver was from the wrong side of town himself. Lamb goes on to say that they're looking into Ed Doyle, the bus driver, and that they've uncovered some information that concerns them: he had a history of mental illness and marital problems, he was prescribed an antidepressant but never filled the prescription, and he once attempted suicide. Nothing against anyone with these sorts of problems, but if I were a Neptune parent, I'd be concerned that someone with a probable chemical imbalance could be in charge of the safety of my kids. Then again, maybe the only people who are willing to drive into the war zone of gang violence that is The Wrong Side Of The Tracks these days in Neptune are the crazies. Lamb, after acknowledging that there were no skid marks or any indication that the driver tried to slow down, ends the press conference. Steve Guttenberg is there, for some reason. NN: Well, it's a police station. He feels at home there. Hopefully we can get that guy who does the funny noises soon.

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