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Veronica helps a bald guy in a Hawaiian shirt to light a votive candle in front of a sign that reads "Neptune's Angels." We're at the site of the bus's plunge, and random people have set up a makeshift shrine to the victims. VMVO says she's not even sure what she's looking for. I guess it's not maudlin expressions of grief, then. Jessie appears and snots that she guesses her dad doesn't rate a votive candle, and when the onlookers start to take notice of her, Veronica whisks her away. Probably a good idea -- a right cross to the wrong person could produce another fatality. On the plus side, it would be the fastest-mourned corpse in history.

Keith and Steve Guttenberg are watching a Little League game. Steve says he's running for "county supervisor" (he said "mayor" last week, but Rob Thomas apparently explained that that was a gaffe -- Neptune has a sheriff because it's an "unincorporated" county, and as such, would have a county supervisor instead of a mayor) because Neptune is his home, and he wants to make it cleaner and safer. Steve's character's name is "Woody Goodman," but I'm not typing that every time, and given his affinity for baseball, I feel compelled to call him "The Woodman." Apologies if there's any way that could be misconstrued. Some kids who look like they're from The Wrong Side Of The Tracks are getting annoyed because they're waiting to play, and the kids on the field were supposed to be off five minutes ago. The Woodman tells Keith that he wants him to run for sheriff. Keith asks, just out of curiosity, where The Woodman stood when Keith was forced out of office. It's a good test for The Woodman, if he's a first-time politician, to see how he deals with the awkward. The Woodman admits that he signed the petition to get rid of Keith, but that he's prepared to admit he was wrong. You might think that's too little, too late, but it's still plenty better than we see from a lot of politicians these days. At least he didn't blame the CIA.

The kids on the sidelines have decided that going six minutes over is grounds for a rumble, so they go out and start a shoving match with the kids on the field. The Woodman runs out to break them up, while Keith does his best Duncan by standing idly by. That seems out of character for him, but I never did buy his story about getting a cut under his eye from a collision at home plate. His inaction is a lot more believable if he collided with the business end of a ten-year-old's bat. The Woodman breaks the shoving up and apologizes for letting his kids run over. He then somewhat weirdly segues into talking about sportsmanship, saying it's what separates us from the animals: "That, and opposable thumbs." Ew, dorky, and not in a good way, so props to whichever kid it is that guffaws sarcastically. Plus, I thought the difference was our ability to accessorize. Of course, The Woodman may have been aiming for a masculine reference, but frankly, I think Olympia Dukakis is more of a man than David Schwimmer, even if you don't count Tales Of The City. The Woodman takes his kids off the field while calling to Keith to let him know by the end of the week about the sheriff thing. Steve Guttenberg is no Harry Hamlin so far, I'll tell you that. (Funny how that's actually an insult now.)

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