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Veronica gets to work on the computer. She surreptitiously slips a CD into the drive, and then, noting the posters on the walls, babbles about movies to cover the fact that she's copying a bunch of his files. She apparently thinks his name is spelled with two "L"s, even though that wasn't the case on the other TV sites I checked, bit if they're trying to give us another letter clue, I'll leave the detective work to someone else. Col(l)in tells Veronica that he's just housesitting for a friend. Veronica asks if the friend is a big Nic Cage fan, since the posters are all of his movies. Col(l)in: "My friend is Nic Cage." Veronica seems a little skeptical, probably because there's no way Nic Cage would keep a friend around who has that much hair on his head.

Wallace paces.

Inside, the doorbell rings, and Col(l)in goes to get it. Veronica, in the middle of copying the files, sneaks after him, and when Col(l)in opens the door to find Wallace, Veronica gives him hand signals conveying her need to have him stall. Wallace: "Would you like to help the hungry, starving children of...the world?" And suddenly Save The Children is no longer hiring. Col(l)in asks if Wallace is selling something, and Wallace goes with that idea, at least until Col(l)in says he'll buy some candy. All Wallace can offer is an opened box of something akin to Red Hots. Those poor children. Even they wouldn't touch that shit. Luckily, Veronica's finished up, and she bustles Wallace away while telling Col(l)in that his karma's golden. After that little escapade, I'm thinking hers might be a little less shiny.

In his hotel room, Duncan tells Veronica he's "cramming for that Latin quiz. Can't forget about the Kane legacy." Given that he's watching TV, it appears that the Kane legacy includes lots and lots of lying. Which certainly fits in with what we've seen of his family so far. There's a knock at the door as Veronica asks if he's eaten, and he tells her no, since he's tired of room service. He opens the door to find her with a paper bag, suggesting "dim sum and then some." Another more believable fantasy, I'd say. Duncan might disagree, but he's a fucking weirdo.

Veronica's already eating as Duncan is serving some food. Veronica says she got the "don't wait up" call from Keith for the second night in a row, so she took the opportunity to get out of the house herself. Duncan takes away her plate and suggests that they skip right to the "and then some." Veronica is intrigued, but has a question first. Duncan: "Yes to costumes, no to props. Does that cover it?" Hee. Duncan made me laugh! There's hope for him yet. Veronica asks why Duncan didn't tell her about his trips to the hospital, and Duncan pulls away to eat his food: "You want one egg roll or two?" Just as well, Veronica. You're not supposed to eat Donuts before dinner.

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