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When You Assume...

Keith enters Alicia's house and calls for her, and nice detective work if he didn't check the driveway.

Cut to Keith checking through some files. He picks one out and takes it. Better late than never, I guess. Although if Alicia catches him, we could be looking at a different definition of "late."

Veronica's folding laundry when she comes across Col(l)in's handkerchief. She looks at the embroidered crest and has a revelation. Veronica moves to the liquor cabinet and makes a selection as VMVO tells us that when your mom's an alcoholic, you spend a lot of time looking at bottles. You also spend a lot of time looking at her hair in your hand, but that's less relevant to the investigation.

Julie opens a box full of stuff to find a poster of an ad for "Loch Nevin," which is a single-malt scotch. She also discovers a note from Veronica telling her that "Patrick Col(l)in Nevin" (his initials, it turns out, are under the crest on the handkerchief, which is in the box as well) was telling her the truth about the trust fund, which is massive, and she discovered that he hates to flaunt his wealth or his celebrity friendships. "You both wanted to be sure you were loved for who you really were. And it seems that one of you was." Julie looks sad. Don't give up, Julie! Maybe Cingular provides his cell service!

As a side note, I really like how Wallace's admonition to Veronica not to assume resonated in both Veronica's and Keith subplots. The show has been pretty consistent in emphasizing how bad bias is for conducting detective work, so I'm glad they both got punished for their sloppiness.

Mars Investigations. Keith, buried under a stack of papers, takes a call from a client and informs him his wife is having an affair. Only he's got the wrong client, so he gets the right file while TELLING THIS CLIENT WHO THE OTHER CLIENT WITH THE PHILANDERING WIFE IS. Looks like he's misfiled his professional ethics as well. He passes on the relevant information to his client that his uncle is living in a retirement home in Waikiki. We don't get to hear the client ask how many other people Keith told.

Chez Mars. Keith enters Veronica's room and, after a pregnant pause, tells her he could use her help around the office. Veronica makes an adorable "car skidding to a halt" noise, and asks Keith to repeat that. Keith doesn't, nor does he tell Veronica what prompted his change of heart, but he does mention that he's just talking about research, filing, and phone help a couple days a week, and that she's keeping her job at the Hut. Veronica says she'll need a raise, like that's going to happen with the set budget suddenly spiraling out of control. Also, considering how eager she is to accept this offer, that whole "normal life" kick she was on in the premiere seems even more like bullshit. VMVO says that, since talking to Weevil, she's been dying to track down the anonymous caller. She plugs in the number and comes up with Haaron Echolls. Props to depudor for noticing that Haaron's birthday is the same day of the phone call. We barely have time for a DUN...

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