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When You Assume...

...and we're at school, where Veronica waits until Logan appears. Patience is a virtue, as the forum posters will no doubt tell you. Logan makes a joke about how he'll have sex with Veronica just this once, but that there will be no cuddling after and he won't call her in the morning. If you want a girl to accept a pitch like that, you probably shouldn't make your enormous pit stains so incredibly obvious. Veronica accusingly asks him about the phone call. Logan twirls an imaginary moustache as he intones, "My day is complete. Veronica Mars has accused me of evil." Heh. He goes on in a "what the hell are you talking about" vein, but does recognize the connection with The Long Haul, and also realizes that September 24th is the day he threw the party that 09er bitch mentioned to Veronica, which had the theme "Life's Short." Veronica sardonically notes how touching that is, but Logan, tiring of this game, says it was in the dead students' honor. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to know that the toasts to their memory came in the form of keg stands. Logan adds that Weevil and a bunch of his pals crashed the party. I wonder if a certain second earring might be somewhere in the pool house. That is, if they didn't light it on fire. Also, Lamb and some deputies came to break the party up, "or at least collect the kegs." Hee. Lamb must do a lot of cardio to work off all the free beer he confiscates. Veronica says that there are five numbers registered to the Echolls family, but that she doesn't recognize this one. Logan looks at his nonexistent watch, shows his wrist to Veronica, and leaves. I don't need a watch to tell him it's time for a dry shirt.

Mars Investigations. Keith has what looks like Alicia's birth certificate in front of him, which lists her name as "Cherie Parker Saunders." He's on the phone trying to get some information from someone, and from the way his chin suddenly hits the desk, I'd say he gets it.

A bare-armed (nice delts, Percy!) Wallace is working on his car when Woods appears. He shows Wallace a picture of himself and Alicia, and from her hairstyle and headband, I'd say there's more to that "Cher" nickname than mere coincidence. Wallace asks if he's supposed to know him, and Woods says he sure is: "I'm your father." We cut to black before Wallace has the chance to search his feelings and know it to be true.

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