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Establishing shot of a hospital. Veronica, holding a bouquet of flowers, turns a corner as VMVO tells us that hospitals wig her out, but she's put off seeing Meg for too long. She pauses, presumably to look for the right room number, when Duncan calls her name from behind her. They greet each other uncomfortably, and Veronica asks how Meg is. Duncan's eyes focus behind her, and Veronica looks back to see an older couple emerge from the room. Considering they're Meg's parents, I think Veronica should consider this good timing, because it makes the Un!Comfortable!ness of her moment with Duncan seem infinitesimal by comparison. Meg's dad asks why Duncan comes there every day, and as Veronica tries to process that, Meg's crying mom turns on Veronica and says that her presence there is upsetting to them. From inside the room, Meg's sister Lizzie emerges, wearing a Catholic-school uniform, which is a lovely subtle point, since the logical conclusion is that she doesn't go to Neptune High anymore, which of course makes sense if her parents blame the school for the bus crash. Lizzie's holding the hand of a girl who's presumably her little sister. As noted on the boards, the little sister looks like she's got two black eyes, even though the intention was probably just to make it look like she's been crying. I wonder if the makeup person is the same one who's been applying so much eyeliner to Kyle Gallner that it makes Siouxsie Sioux's use of the stuff look tame by comparison. Duncan, not backing down, says that he and Veronica care about Meg, and I admire the sentiment, but you're compromising your position a little by clutching the hand of the girl for whom you threw their daughter over. Nor are you helping your case by wearing yet another fug-assed sweater. Lizzie tries to say a word in Duncan's defense, but her dad harshly tells her to be quiet, and the little sister hides behind Lizzie all No!Daddy!No!. Maybe the makeup person knew his or her stuff after all. Meg's dad barks that if "you" (not clear if he's talking to one of them or both) really cared about Meg, she wouldn't have been on that bus. Completely irrational sentiment, or indication of something deeper? More on that later. Duncan marches off, and Veronica follows him after leaving the flowers.

The scene continues from another angle, as Veronica starts to say that Duncan didn't tell her..."that Meg was important to me?" he snaps. Veronica corrects him that she was referring to Meg's parents' attitude, and she looks and sounds deflated at his defensiveness. He tries to make nice by asking if she wants to go get something to eat, but without looking at him, she says she has to go watch a tennis match. Duncan looks perplexed, as he might, because I know from my experience recapping Campus Confidential that Teddy Dunn doesn't know the first thing about tennis. I also know never to watch the ABC Family Channel again, which is probably a more useful lesson learned.

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