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Keith comes in to see Lamb, who asks who let Keith into his office. Keith: "Funny, I was wondering the same thing." Hee. Keith hands over a file with a picture of Carl, and says he's wanted in Chicago for armed robbery. Lamb wonders why Keith's giving it to him, but Keith points out that it's sort of Lamb's job. "For now, anyway." Keith leaves, and Lamb looks at the photo again. Their scenes are so much fun. Can't they both be sheriff? Or at least work together again? I mean, can you imagine if one of them got the other for his Secret Santa?

Veronica's at her locker when Weevil, flanked by a bunch of non-speaking PCHers, greets Veronica as "Martha," and says he heard she took a ride downtown. Veronica notices that Weevil is wearing hoop earrings, and asks, "If I rub your head, do I get three wishes?" (That's a Kazaam reference, for those unfamiliar.) Weevil: "You rub my head, and you might want to make seeing tomorrow your first wish." Veronica: "Okay, but my second wish is that you send that two-timing Jackie on the first bus back to New York." Well, that's what she would have said if she didn't at that moment realize that the earring Lamb showed her in the last episode belonged to Weevil. Veronica calls him on it, and he dismisses his gang, which is good, as they'll probably be needed on Extras soon anyway.

Veronica asks what the earring was doing at the Road Hog, and Weevil tries to play dumb, which given how little screentime he seems to be getting this season, I'd say he doesn't really have time for. Veronica agrees, as she calls his bluff by phoning the sheriff's department: "This oughtta get me out of that jaywalking ticket. Hello, Inga!" Hee. Weevil, having heard enough, especially given that he's probably familiar enough with Inga himself, tells Veronica that a few days before Curly washed up on shore, he got an anonymous call saying Curly was behind the bus crash, and that he was hired by "the Fitzpatricks" to get back at Cervando. Veronica asks if that's "the Fighting Fitzpatricks," and exposits that her dad put, like, five of them in Chino. Well, that's a fate worse than death, if Fox's portrayals are to be believed. Weevil says that Cervando was going around bragging about how he had hustled a few grand out of "Liam" Fitzpatrick. Well, we didn't hear about that in those fawning newspaper stories. I expected better reporting from Diane Ruggiero. Veronica asks what Weevil did, and the answer is nothing, since he didn't believe that the Fitzpatricks would kill a busload of kids over three grand: "Their problem with Cervando would have been solved in an alley with a baseball bat." Or maybe on a bridge with a knife? I know that was Felix and not Cervando, but maybe they showed up to settle their score and Felix, being leader of the gang while Weevil was incapacitated, took the hit? It would give the bikers motivation to pin the blame for the bus crash on the Irish gang. Sorry for babbling on -- I'm just trying to come up with new and exciting ways to be completely wrong. Veronica takes Weevil's phone and copies the mystery number as Weevil asks if he should be expecting a visit from Lamb: "If I know I'm being brought in, I'll put on my good underwear, you know?" Veronica: "You should really do that anyway." Hee. Just skip the problem entirely and go commando, Weevil. It'll make mooning Lamb even easier.

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