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Jackie and Wallace return to her pad with groceries. Apparently, girlfriend has some "culinary magic" to work. Wallace suggests a frilly apron, because...he really wanted to say something, I guess. No other reason for that line. Thankfully, we're spared more of Wallace's dorkulating by the sound of Terrence Cook calling out for Jackie from the next room. Daddy's out of hospital jail! Jackie leaps up into his arms and grabs his face with both hands. Not dating! Not dating!

Back from commercial, the Cooks-plus-Wallace are discussing how Terrence got sprung. All he knows is that "a witness came forward," and considering that Cook himself knows what his alibi was, you might think he'd be a tad nervous as to what this all entails. Eh, give him a minute. He will be. This whole time, Wallace is observing from a distance, happy, but unsure of where he fits in with Jackie's new triangulated crossfire of daddy/boyfriend issues. I've ended up liking the girl a hell of a lot more than I ever expected to, but she's still got loads of baggage, most of which comes in the form of a guy who just got sprung from hospital jail. Still smiling, Wallace offers to let Jackie and her dad celebrate by themselves, to which Jackie immediately protests. She wants to spend time with her "two favorite men in the whole world." There's a knock at the door, and in case you were wondering, it's not her third favorite guy in the whole world. Who would that even be? Drunk Logan from Homecoming? The Freaks And Geeks character she took to Sadie Hawkins? Anyway, no. It's Lobo, and when Jackie answers the door, he makes a skin-crawlingly lecherous comment about how, not fifteen minutes out of jail, Cook's got a "sweet young thing" waiting on him. Not dating! Cook's like, "She's my daughter, asshole," though, that last part is silent because he's still scared shitless of the guy. Wallace -- I'm not sure whether he knows something untoward is going on or not -- calls for Jackie to help him get dinner started. After she leaves, Lobo asks Cook whether he doesn't want to say "thank you." Cook realizes his release just got fitted for strings. Cook starts sputtering that, once he gets back on his feet, he'll pay back that money he owes. Lobo laughs at Cook's stupidity, and reminds him that disgraced ex-jocks who throw playoff games don't have a whole lot of earning potential. Oh, like Cook couldn't write a book. Whatever. Lobo's vision is more along the lines of Cook as celebrity greeter at Seven Rivers. Y'all, if Cook is looking for a job in the casino industry, he could really make a go of it as a Dealertainer. If they don't accept him as himself, at the very least he'd make a swell Elwood Blues. Anyway, the point is that Cook is Lobo's casino bitch for the next, say, ten years. Cook's all, "Damn, at least in the hospital jail I didn't have to be on my feet for ten hours."

VMVO awaits us in the Neptune High hallway as Veronica steels herself for yet another awkward conversation is a season full of them: "After a week of forced smiles and the occasional 'hey,' it's time for business as usual. Ain't epic love grand?" So Logan. He's standing at his locker, as he so often does, as Veronica asks him whether he's been to any good murder trials lately. For the grand guignol that is their relationship, it's not a bad line. Logan compliments her "gripping" testimony. Veronica wants to ask him something. Knowing he's got the stage all to himself, Logan does the Catalano-lean against the locker door, and quips that it's so rare that Veronica comes at him with a random weird-ass question. She asks him whether he'd ever heard Lucky talk about Woody, or about being a bat boy for the Sharks. Logan, looking off to the side for some odd (Method?) reason, says Lucky never talked about the Sharks. Logan does, however, recall a "weird, semi-baseball-related incident" from the summertime, and hello blue-tinted flashback! I was hoping we'd run into each other! Logan enters the boys' locker room to find Lucky without shoes or shirt (let's assume he also went sans-"service," lest that particular adage be proven untrue). He is, however, wearing a catcher's mask, and a big ol' "boo!" to the writers for making the recapper to go to the pitcher/catcher place. My mind is flipping you all the bird. As if this whole scene wasn't already weird enough, Lucky is also pouring bleach onto his feet and babbling to Logan (though you'd figure he'd be just as likely to be saying this to the walls) that "they're doin' something to me. Or else I'm poisoning myself." Logan's like, "Yeeeeah. We need a keg delivered to the beach." Oh, Logan, again with the alcohol? Between dead Felix and last week's alterna-prom debacle, maybe a switch to Diet Coke wouldn't be so awful. ["But it looks like I was right about Lucky supplying the beer for the crash party." -- Couch Baron] End flashback. Veronica's like, "Catcher's mask, eh?" Logan: "And I thought the weird part was the foot-bleaching." Seems Lucky would wear the mask whenever, as Logan puts it, "we would go into battle." Because when you're torching a community pool out of spite, it's good to have backup whose faces are protected. Logan thought the mask was a mere "affectation." He'd know.

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