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The Wood(s)man

Veronica returns to Chez Mars all sunshine, and quips that all the research she did today was nice and legal, not to mention done from the safety of Neptune High. Ha! "Safety." Good one, V. Keith doesn't find it quite so funny, but is willing to get down to business. She passes on the info about Lucky's foot-bleaching, catcher's-mask-wearing escapades: "This is who they hire at my school." Take her school board. Please! Like father, like daughter, Keith is also most intrigued by the catcher's mask part. He pulls up the original Goodman stalker video and points out a painting in Woody's dining room. It's of a catcher's mask. Keith gets up to make a phone call to Inga about a possible bomb hidden behind said painting, as Veronica keeps running the video. She's puzzled as to why the cameraman (who I'm going to assume is still Lucky, but who the hell knows?) is focusing on the framed photos on the walls. She slows it down and realizes it's a close-up of various little-league team photos. Seems Woody sponsored a team called the Sharks. The one particular photo causes Veronica to gasp. She pulls out a file, confirms what she thinks she sees, and calls Keith over: "That's Marcos Olivarez. That's Peter Ferrer. Two of the bus crash victims were on Woody's little league team." You'll recall that Peter was the gay student who was bragging about the "outing of all outings," while Marcos was the "sexually on the fence" pirate radio host. Gruesome subject matter aside, I do enjoy it when a plot arc comes together.

Back from the break, the Bomb Squad is camped outside the Woodmanse, a crisis having seemingly been averted. A bathrobed Woody charges up to Lamb and asks how long this whole ordeal is going to take. Showtime's running L.I.E. at 11, and he's oddly never seen how it ends up. Lamb explains that they found a bomb underneath Woody's car, and that they've done a thorough sweep of the house, which is clear. "Your stalker obviously meant business," says Lamb, who walks away and leaves Woody to contemplate just how many other potential bomb-wielding maniacs he's created along the way.

Casa Cook. Terrence enters wearing the Sonny Crockett special, as Jackie appears to be finishing her breakfast. Late night, Dad? Terrence tightly says that he was working, not out having fun. Jackie, naturally, is curious as to her father's new business endeavor. He just glares at her and brushes her off with a cryptic "The kind of work I have to do, okay?" Um, sure, asshole. It's nice that your gambling debts and game fixing have given you a nice, healthy sense of shame and all, but maybe you could try giving your own daughter a damn break? Jackie absorbs that body blow and sticks her neck out yet again with an offer for a celebration on his next night off. Cook says that he can't make any plans right now, though he fails to add that it's because Lobo could yank on the string he's got tied around Cook's balls and haul him back to the casino at any time. Jackie lies that she's cool. She says that they've got some time yet, seeing as she's planning on forgoing the Sorbonne to stay in Neptune for at least a semester. Cook sadly tells her that he doesn't think it's such a good idea, what with him traveling and his unpredictable schedule and all. "It's not fair to you," he adds. Jackie says that she doesn't mind, but her dad quickly adds, "It's not fair to either of us. I think it's in both of our interests if you just go to France." Defeated by her own dad, again, some more, Jackie's face falls. You know, Cook's damn lucky this episode also features Haaron and Woody, because about all he's got going for himself right now is that he's not having sex with minors. Not dating! NOT DATING!

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