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Weevil's in the math classroom (same one from the last tutoring scene, thank you Pi symbol!), yawning what is no doubt a bad-ass yawn. Looks like the studying session went late into the night. Hope Mac and Beav are okay and not beaten to death or anything. He gives the cross around his neck a kiss for good luck...

...which obviously doesn't do a damn bit of good, because the next thing we see is a mother and her two young boys enter the police station. It's the two nosy little kids who saw Weevil chloroform Thumper before he left him to die at the hands of the Fitzpatricks. Not Weevil's finest hour, no matter how satisfying the conclusion was. The mother hands Sacks a newspaper with an article about Thumper's death. I was about to call bullshit on the newspaper giving a damn about a missing PCHer, but the headline says that Thumper's body had already been found at the stadium and had just been identified, and I will concede that death-by-stadium is newsworthy no matter who you are. Mom says her two little finks saw someone attack Thumper on the night he was killed. Lamb snatches the paper away and asks the boys whether they feel like looking at some photos.

Weevil paces in the crazy dark (as usual) classroom -- I have no idea how anybody's vision manages to survive after a day in Neptune, Land of Shadows -- waiting for his exam to be graded. The teacher, who looks like Judith Ivey in profile, finishes and hands him his "B" grade with a "congratulations, Eli." Eli "hell-yeah"s and is so happy, and it's so, so sad.

Fink and Finkier page through Lamb's Big Book of Felons and finally find the page with Weevil's mug shot. "It was this guy." Lamb smiles, because all he needed was a reason. He's not able to revel too long, though, as Keith approaches with some paperwork that says Lucky was "in a padded cell at a VA hospital" the day of the bus crash. That's why he wasn't at work. Once again, bang-up job, Neptune school board! Lamb looks about ready to pass a kidney stone, as he calls Sacks over and tells Keith he'll go pick Woody up. Sacks appears with even more news: Haaron's verdict is in.

Neptune High hallway. Wallace swaggers up to Veronica -- who is last-minute cramming -- and crows about being done with his last final: "I'm outta here." "And you decided to celebrate by torturing me?" Veronica asks good-naturedly. Western Civ still looms momentarily. Wallace's smile fades, and he meaningfully says he's off to clean out his locker. Forever. Veronica's still got ancient Babylon on the brain, though, so she doesn't pick up the hint. "You better enjoy this," Wallace says, "because this is as nostalgic as I get." Veronica lifts her head out of her book like she just now realizes what this whole "end of high school" thing really means. Wallace: "I just wanted to say, it was worth getting taped to a flagpole. I'm gonna miss you." Aw! Wallace! Veronica smiles sadly and looks like she's choosing between hugs or humor. "And my stupid-ass face?" she asks. Humor, then. Wallace says that the plans to pick up his "lady" and do some celebrating and wishes Veronica luck. As he walks down the hallway, he turns and calls out to her that this conversation never happened. "Sure it did," she replies. And it may have gotten her thinking, too.

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