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The Wood(s)man

Cut to another classroom shrouded in darkness. As the teacher passes out the exams, Veronica can see Wallace at his locker through the open doorway. Strummy la la music plays, as she watches her best friend prepare to clear his way out of her life for the second time in a year. The teacher closes the door, and Wallace is gone. Veronica looks contemplative for a split second, before her Sidekick starts buzzing. It's a message from Keith telling her the verdict is in. VMVO reads us the message in case anyone was still wiping tears from their eyes after the last scene. Veronica's face reads something like "of course it fucking would be right now," and she gives the exam a valiant five-second try before dropping her pen and hopping out the door. It's nice how it's the combination of her coming to her senses about Wallace and her insatiable urge to see assholes get what's coming to them that will ultimately keep Veronica in Neptune.

Wallace approaches the front door at Jackie's, but when he knocks, it’s Cook who answers. Cook sadly, and yet a little exasperatingly, tells Wallace she's not there. And she won't be there later. She's gone to France and she's not coming back. He hands Wallace a note and says he's sorry. Wallace swallows hard, looking even tinier against the backdrop of Jackie's giant (closed) front doors.

Courtroom. Keith asks Lamb whether he's got Woody in custody yet, but Lamb says Woody's gone. Lamb's voice cracks a bit, as he says Woody took his private jet on an uncharted course. Destination: Neverland. Keith sighs and shakes his head, because didn't he say?? Quiet now! Verdict's in. Veronica and Keith sit side by side -- with Logan, again, off on his own, mouth gaping open like a Volkswagon could park inside it.. Haaron and Slimy rise as the foreperson reads the verdict: "On the count of murder in the second degree, we find the defendant...not guilty." Keith closes his eyes sadly. Veronica's stay open, frozen on Haaron. A lot of the spectators are thrilled at the news, as you would expect in a celebrity murder trial like this. He's also found not guilty on the charges of aggravated assault and statutory rape. Haaron and Slimy hug, as Logan swallows hard. Veronica's face twists into a grimace as she can't take her eyes off her best friend's killer, and Haaron shakes hands and congratulates his team of lizards. Finally, he turns toward Veronica and looks directly at her, satisfaction beaming all over his awful face. She's finally able to look down, and she starts to cry as the screen fades to credits. Dammit, Echolls men! Stop making Veronica cry at the ends of episodes!

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