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Parker enters Piz's lair and compliments him on how cool the setup is. Piz throws Veronica a surreptitious glare, and Veronica covers with a "We were just in the neighborhood!" Parker goes on trying to engage a taciturn Piz, saying she could use pizza, when Mercer's voice cuts in, as he's chowing on some pizza as they speak. Turns out Mercer has a radio show right after Piz that he mentions while greeting Veronica by name and introducing himself to Parker. Piz consents to go along for a slice, but Parker, her demeanor completely changed, says that they have to run, and hustles Veronica out of there. When they're around the corner, Parker breathes that Mercer's cologne is burned into her brain -- from the night she was raped. She's not sure it was him, but she has a terrible vibe, and Veronica needs no further convincing... Mercer's going to be busy for a couple of hours, and she's still got Weevil's keys. She invades Mercer's room, and, taking care not to leave any fingerprints, which is a nice touch (ooh, sorry), she searches until she finds, hidden away in a drawer, electric clippers. I wonder what odds I could get from Mercer that he's royally screwed at the moment. Also, this series of revelations makes me wonder whose show was playing on the college radio while Parker was being raped.

Sheriff's station. Lamb gets to his office door to see Veronica inside. They smile somewhat sarcastically at each other, and then Lamb announces to no one in particular, "Could someone let me know when some girl is in my office?" Lamb settles into his chair for some snarky banter, and he's unimpressed with Veronica's story until she reveals Mercer's name. Lamb gets serious as he tells her they found the stolen cash box from the casino robbery, and there were two vials of GHB therein, which was used on two of the rape victims. Interesting that it wasn't used on the other two -- it's my impression that serial criminals aren't known for varying their styles. Maybe there's more than one culprit?

Wallace goes to see his coach and tells him he's got this class that's kicking his ass, so he's going to take the rest of the semester off and return at midseason. Because I'm sure majoring in mechanical engineering will be a cakewalk once he gets that first-semester-freshman-year class out of the way. Seriously, I don't understand why Wallace has to commit to this class -- there's got to be a way for him to get the necessary credits for this major later on. Maybe the writers decided that having anyone be undeclared was just too big a risk after what happened to poor Judd Apatow. Anyway, the coach tells him he won't lose his scholarship (wow, he's getting break after break here), but he now doesn't have a chance of making starter this year. Wallace unhappily acknowledges that.

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