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Veronica goes to see Tina ("Callas" is her surname), who hands her a card with an overly polite (I assume she's keeping up appearances, here) "There you are, miss." Veronica gives her a little conspiratorial smile, which I take to be her way of thanking Tina without drawing attention to her. She starts to head for the elevator, but sees Keith nearby. She goes up to talk to him, and is dismayed to quickly learn that he's getting drinks for him and a nearby Harmony. She gives Keith a quick and pointed lecture, but he tells her not to worry. Veronica: "I worry." She managed to make a very clear point there without being moralistic or judgmental. Liking her this week, happily.

Cut to Veronica knocking on the door to Room 906, which is opened by...Mindy O'Dell. Veronica quickly makes her apologies; even with all the bizarre experiences she's had in her short life, the idea that Dean Ed's young wife would have a reason to trump up a plagiarism charge against her is too much to wrap her head around. However, as she approaches the elevator, it opens up and Professor Landry appears carrying a bottle of booze. Geez, Landry, using your looks and position as a middle-aged faculty member to nail Mindy? Looks like maybe you've lifted a few of your ideas yourself. Landry warily greets Veronica, who tells him she must have gotten off on the wrong floor. Once she gets into the elevator, though, she calls, "Rory Finch?" The look on Landry's face suggests that Veronica's grades are going to change, but whether it's for the better or worse is a mystery to me. By the way, just to get it on the page, a lot of people remember how Chip got points last year for supposedly sleeping with the Dean's wife. I thought at the time he was just blowing smoke and wasn't to be taken seriously, especially since Veronica hasn't made mention of it since. But with this revelation...well, I thought I'd at least mention it.

Back in the lobby, Keith is telling Harmony that he should only have one drink if he wants to drive home. Harmony takes the ball and runs with it a lot farther than Keith perhaps intended, as she nervously and with no small amount of ambivalence tells him that she doesn't want to count regrets, and she got a room, in case Keith wanted to join her. Keith's eyes get a real deer-in-the-headlights look, which is particularly fitting, given how much attention he regularly pays to Harmony's rack. Harmony's mortified when she takes his expression to mean that she's misread his signals. However, Keith tells her he is interested -- he's just not sure if he'd regret going through with it more than not doing so. Harmony looks sad and very vulnerable as Keith gets up to go, and Laura San Giacomo is a hell of a lot better actress than I previously thought.

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