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Keith, driving home, pulls out into an intersection to await a chance to turn, and then is blindsided by a pickup truck. I actually saw that coming, maybe not for any particular reason. It makes sense that Keith would be distracted, though, particularly by wondering exactly what deep shade of blue his balls have turned. The pickup driver gets out and discovers that Keith's airbags work, and goes to get help. Keith shakes his head at life's mysteries...

...and then he's barging into Harmony's room and passionately making out with her. A lot of posters were very disappointed in Keith's behavior, but I think you can't judge him too harshly. After all, the Just Shoot Me reunion was bound to bring some long-buried personality traits up to the surface. Seriously, though, it does seem somewhat out of character for Keith, especially given what he went through with Lianne, but...if this signals a return to some real noir, I can't say I'm opposed.

Back from the last break, Veronica, holding a pan full of scrambled eggs, calls Keith to breakfast. Getting no answer, she checks his room to find that his bed wasn't slept in. From the expression on her face, she doesn't jump to any conclusions, which is odd, because this is the first time this season she would actually have been correct.

Veronica goes to see Lucky Tim, and presents him with proof that the paper she supposedly copied was posted after she'd already turned hers in. Lucky Tim too easily says she's off the hook, and asks if she figured out who set her up. Veronica says that she can't prove it, but she's got a good idea through process of elimination. "Why did you do it?" Ooh, nice. She goes on that he could get into a lot of trouble, but he interrupts that he didn't do it, and she can't prove he did, although...for argument's sake, he could see where she would suspect him, because until she came along, he was Landry's protégé. "I got his drycleaning, ordered Chinese when we worked late." Well, I don't think one lunch means that Lucky Tim is necessarily getting replaced, but hopefully Veronica will at least take the lesson to keep an assortment of menus on hand. Lucky Tim goes on, "I was like you! What a professor -- smart, charming, such a great guy." Veronica doesn't need any help following along, as she says that Tim must have found out about the affair with Mindy. Tim adds that there were others before; the Mindy affair started recently. He finishes up by saying that hypothetically, someone in his position might have been motivated by the desire to help her, to show her who Landry really is. And I'm not sure I completely believe him, but I love this sort of dramatic reversal, where Veronica correctly suspected Tim, but for reasons that turned out to be very different from his actual motivations. Veronica snots that he shouldn't do her any more favors, not that I blame her for the attitude in this particular situation. He put her through a lot of consternation to make his point, and she had to expend quite a bit of time and energy to clear her name. On her way out, she observes that Lucky Tim has on his wall "the same kind of crazy press-clipping board every movie serial-killer keeps!" Tim smiles like he takes that as a compliment, which maybe isn't exactly the best way to change her opinion. He ruminates that the complete absence of semen and foreign hair on the victims makes you wonder. Veronica's attention is caught by something on the board, but she doesn't tell Tim what it is. Tim then asks if she really thought Ratner set her up. Veronica: "Oh, crap."

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