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It's Noir, Baby!

Cut to some Grand security personnel busting Ratner for having enough Grand toiletries in his trunk to start his own bed and breakfast. Might as well, kid -- at least in that intimate setting, you won't have to deal with all the snooty rich folk who can't remember you name.

Wallace's professor lectures, and Wallace seems happy that he's following along. Snore. Couldn't we at least watch him build a go-cart or something? Then he could crash it, and it would turn out someone tampered with it, and that could be the second mystery! Wait, what do you mean, I just spoiled everyone?

Veronica's just gotten a tray of food and is presumably heading to a table, when Dean Ed, sitting by himself, asks her to join him. That'll be sure to help with the whole teacher's pet image. He crustily tells her that he doesn't want people coming up to him with ideas on how to run the school. He confides, "I don't like college students." That's not exactly surprising, given that from what we've seen, his propensity to expel kids makes him look like the Roy Bean of the university set. Veronica asks why, then, he eats in the cafeteria, and he tells her that he loves the burgers, but Veronica shouldn't tell his wife. "There are some things she's better off not knowing." Given what we've seen this episode, I'm wondering whether that was part of their marriage vows. Veronica actually considers spilling the beans to Dean Ed, but chickens out. This is an awfully nice setup here, as her sympathy for Dean Ed is going to magnify her misgivings about what Keith is doing. Anyway, before she can consider the well-drawn parallels too much, Logan appears and urgently tells her that he needs to talk to her. They leave Dean Ed to his burger, and Logan, almost beside himself, tells Veronica that Lamb arrested Mercer for the rapes. Veronica looks around guiltily, but Logan goes on that Mercer didn't do it. Veronica asks him how he knows, and Logan tells her that he was with Mercer the night of the rape over the summer (presumably Nancy's). Veronica asks where, and what they were doing. Logan: "I can't tell you, okay? But you have to trust me. He's innocent." Veronica looks at Logan, wondering what this new "trust" word is all about, as we fade to black.

This is the first time the college universe has really felt full and rich to me. It bodes well for the rest of the season, I think. And with that, upcoming: Veronica and Logan fight, presumably over Mercer. It looks like Veronica gets drugged, and the rapist is all-too-chillingly nearby. Damn, it's been a while since a preview got my heart pumping! About time, CW promo department!

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