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Outside, Wallace, along with his Mechanical Engineering professor, is next in the queue to see Dean Ed, and as Veronica passes him, she gives him an hilarious "What the hell are you doing here?" face. Of course, he does not favor her with anywhere near a similar look in return, which just goes to show that, limited screentime or not, he still remembers something about Veronica.

Inside, Wallace's professor is, in a nice enough tone of voice, telling Dean Ed that Wallace is hardly the first athlete to have been caught cheating in his class. The prof even takes some of the blame; he usually doesn't even take athletes in his program because it's too demanding, "especially with standardized test scores as low as [Wallace's]." I'm surprised that Wallace would have done quite as badly on his SATs as the professor is making it out to sound, but given what we saw last episode, maybe he cheated really badly on them as well. Dean Ed's wife Mindy interrupts for no good reason other than to remind us of her existence and to confirm that Wallace is still heterosexual. When she's gone, Dean Ed asks Wallace what he has to say, and he gives his own rendition of Portia's "The quality of mercy is not strained" speech from The Merchant Of Venice. It's dumbed down quite a bit, but you already heard the part about his SATs.

Professor Landry is back and in a less jovial mood than last time. As Lucky Tim passes out papers, Landry says that he's posted "[their] only example of A-caliber work" on the board. We see Veronica get her paper back with that sole A grade on it, and Landry congratulates her by name. VMVO: "Well, this should make me popular." Yes, it's a real shame you went to such lengths to keep a low profile in this class up to this point. Landry lets the students out, and Lucky Tim kind of dorkily starts to ask him whether he wants to go over something for the next class, but Landry blows him off and invites Veronica to lunch. Scene, but not before we get a quick shot of Lucky Tim shooting Veronica a bunny-boiling look. Good thing Backup can take care of himself.

Cut to Landry advocating psychology courses and babbling to Veronica about a double major, and Veronica valiantly stopping herself from doing a spit-take. Landry says he thinks that not only is she a "very bright woman in general," but also "a natural when it comes to criminal work." Give this man a Nielsen box, stat! He asks to be her faculty adviser, and what is it about this school that everyone is getting tracked so early? I thought part of the point of a good liberal arts school was to take as many courses as possible that will have no practical application in life whatsoever. Although now that I think of it, many of those courses did have a practical use, if only for insomniacs. Anyway, Landry goes on that Veronica's capable of great work and adds, "And I'd like to help you do it!" Since Landry brought up psychology, I feel obligated to note that Freud would have loved that one. Landry wraps up his sales pitch, and Veronica gives him a look like he's solved the mystery of her heart. (Sorry, I know that's awful, but her expression is straight off a Harlequin romance cover! It's hilarious!)

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