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In the food court, Veronica's still in shock when she runs into Piz. He babbles about a woman throwing her husband out of the house and selling all his stuff, including some mint records. Oh, urban legend, you scamp. Veronica informs him that she has three days to prove she didn't cheat, so at the moment, nothing's awesome. Considering what else happened this past Tuesday, I'm going to have to beg to differ. To her credit, though, Veronica seems genuinely worried, yet manages not to be sarcastic or impatient with Piz. Piz invites her bowling, and Veronica's not too worried about her paper to pick up that he might be asking her out on a date. After a moment of considering copping to it, he covers by saying that there will be "a whole gang," including Wallace. Veronica asks if bowling will take her mind off the fact that everyone's out to get her. Piz: "It worked for Nixon." Hee. Veronica smiles, and Piz says that it'll be fun.

On the basketball court, Wallace's jerky friend from last week is wondering why he's so down, since his teacher is letting him drop the class. That' I mean, I know the professor's nice and all, but you'd think that there would have to be some consequences for Wallace cheating. Maybe they saw how bad he was at it and just didn't have the heart. Anyway, when practice starts, the coach gives Wallace the nod for first team for the session, at the expense of "Mason," the dick friend. Ha.

Criminology. Veronica gets in front of the class and boldly and directly asks her accuser to identify himself. After a few moments in which a VMVO suspects that Lucky Tim made the whole thing up, a red-haired kid named "Jeff Ratner" pipes up that he did it. Veronica asks if they've met before. Jeff tells her they have, but she probably doesn't remember. Maybe I'm being paranoid here, but I have a feeling that could be bad news. Jeff, enjoying the attention from the students, says he likes it when "some teacher's pet who's destroying the curve for everyone gets exposed as a cheat. You cheated. I caught you! Deal with it." Now there's that sarcastic look we've all been waiting for. In fairness, though, Jeff did serve her an invitation on a silver platter. At least he's good at his job [SPOILER!]

Veronica pops her head into Wallace's room and calls his name, but the cheater in question, sitting on his bed and playing with a model of a Wright-brothers-era plane, says that it's only "Evil Wallace" who's there. So he's using "evil" to mean "boring," just like the most recent X-Men movie did. Veronica tells him that "Evil Wallace" wouldn't have confessed and faced punishment, and...good for him, I guess, but it doesn't sound like he had much choice. When your Mech E scores say "genius" and your SAT scores say "Rain Man, and not in the good way," you might have to own up to your transgressions. Wallace tells Veronica that he has the chance to drop Mech E scot-free, but that would mean giving it up as his major. I'm at least glad that the model airplane hearkens back to the pilot, but this interest in engineering still seems somewhat sudden. Wouldn't Wallace have worked a little harder in high school? But he tells Veronica that the first thing he was ever into was figuring out how stuff works. This would be more believable with an accompanying story. For example, if there were a real-life reason for Veronica to have gone into detective work, the premise of the show would make a lot more sense. Veronica, after lip-service sympathy, asks whom Wallace bought the test from. Wallace notes that his whole "after-school special monologue didn't make much of an impression." If it's any consolation, Wallace, after reading TWoP for seven years, I can tell you such speeches rarely do. Wallace informs Veronica the guy's name is Max, and tells her where to find him...

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