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...and we cut to Veronica doing just that. Max, chomping on snack foods, helps her determine that the plagiarism program thinks Veronica's paper was originally posted a year earlier. Max: "This must be a real Kafka-esque experience for you." Hee. The look on Veronica's face drives home the knowledge that there's nothing both more infuriating and more dead-on than the nonchalant observations of stoners. Max further supplies Veronica with the knowledge that a "Rory Finch" posted the original paper.

At exactly 2 PM, some guy calls the end to a test. Logan lags a little bit, but he still gets up before the rest of his classmates have dropped their papers on the guy's desk, so it seems a little over the top for the guy to give Logan an bunch of shit en route to saying that he can't accept his test. Logan, however, after ascertaining that the guy doesn't know who he is, shoves his paper into the middle of the pile. This is, as many posters pointed out, a play on another urban legend, but seriously, if the Mech E professor had to administer his own exams, I don't know why a professor of Logan's farmed out that duty to a random proctor. Also, if the proctor doesn't know who Logan is, he should be kept in mind for the next time O.J. gets married.

Food Court. Logan is telling Mercer about his exploits between mouthfuls of food. Veronica appears, and after Mercer bails, she invites Logan bowling the next night with "Wallace and his roommate." Somewhere, Wallace's roommate's heart dies a little bit more. Veronica then sees Parker sitting by herself, and the show doesn't address this, but I'm thinking she's on her own again because she's disillusioned with the feminists after the whole Claire-faking-her-rape thing. Veronica exposits that Mac's "had this project all week," and Parker's all alone, so they should invite her along. Logan remarks that the whole thing is very Emma, causing Veronica to note that he made an Austen reference, and "the end of days are upon [them]." I'd say that Veronica should really be used to Logan making references that brand him a screaming queen, but given the reference in question, I guess I have to give her a pass for being Clueless. Anyway, Veronica uses Piz's Nixon quip in inviting Parker to go bowling, and is honestly self-deprecating in the process. Hon, you're showing me that hope isn't dead, not that I didn't already know that this week of all weeks.

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