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It's Noir, Baby!

Harmony and Keith come out The Maltese Falcon, and after some noir banter that's probably about as unfortunate in practice as it sounds conceptually, Harmony thanks Keith for all the good conversation. Keith: "Sure. It's great talkin' to someone for whom 'bogart' isn't a verb." Harmony laughs, and the two of them share a stiff handshake, which pales in comparison to the hug they try out next. I'd ask them not to bogart the awkward, if I thought they'd have the slightest idea what I was talking about.

Veronica sneaks into Dean Ed's office area as VMVO tells us that she's got custody of Weevil's keys while he's away at his cousin's wedding. After unsuccessfully trying a number of keys in Dean Ed's office lock, she leans against the door, which opens. Heh. Inside, she checks through the filing cabinets in search of the owner of the email address from which her paper was posted, but suddenly, Dean Ed enters the office. Veronica nervously covers with a "Dean O'Dell! I'm so glad you're here!" Given that it's Ed Begley Jr., I am stunned to find myself in a position of agreement.

Dean Ed gives Veronica an appraising look as he turns on the light. Veronica casts about for a story and quickly tells Dean Ed that she lost an earring at the meeting, and she wanted to find it before anyone came in and vacuumed. She plays the jewelry distress convincingly enough that Dean Ed tells her to go ahead and search away. But given that she goes back into the file cabinet as soon as he heads into his private office, he might have wanted to be a little more specific. He calls in and asks if Veronica follows boxing, and it's kind of cool of him not to assume she wouldn't be interested just because she's a girl. Veronica, though, says she only follows sports that are done to music, and even though she references it later, I'm guessing "Eye of the Tiger" doesn't count. Veronica joins Dean Ed, who's munching away on microwave popcorn, and asks if he wouldn't be more comfortable watching it at home. Dean Ed says his wife is against the whole thing, "the Scotch, the cigars, the televised violence." This explains why we didn't actually get to see anyone ripping the marrow straight out of her ex-husband's bones. Dean Ed goes on that he sneaks in the boxing viewing whenever his wife has a charity function, work function, "whatever other functions modern women seem to have all the time." Just be glad she's not working at the noir festival. Veronica -- confident that Dean Ed's attention is fully on the TV -- goes back to her file invasion as Dean Ed calls to her that she shouldn't say anything to his wife, because there are things she doesn't need to know. Veronica, not looking up from writing something on a Post-It: "Absolutely!" Hee.

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