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Cut to Veronica flopping down on Logan's couch. In the background, Logan changes his shirt as Veronica complains about having to ask Piz about Parker. Veronica notes that Logan got an A on his test, and he tells her that Horshack got caught taking Rider Strong's test for him. Random mention of two characters we'll probably never see again, or something more sinister? I'm normally all for the sinister, but given the two characters in question, I'll happily take the former choice. There's a knock at the door, and Logan goes to get his food. The deliverer greets Logan as "Mr. Echolls," and VMVO tells us that Veronica recognizes the voice. She gets up to see that the Grand employee is her accuser, Jeff Ratner. Logan only regrets not having ordered some popcorn with his meal, because this is going to be good.

When we return, Veronica tells Logan that Ratner's the guy who's trying to get her kicked out of Landry's class, and wonders aloud at the coincidence of him working at the Grand. Logan, for his part, doesn't let that revelation stop him from uncovering his dinner and picking away. Heh. Ratner snits that he's been working at the Grand for two years, and Veronica's seen him tons of times, but never noticed because he's one of the little people, and she's too busy "lounging with Captain Moneybags." Well, Jeff, that doesn't quite seem fair. I mean, she probably ignored you just as hard when she was dating Duncan. On the other hand, Ratner probably knows he can afford to let loose, as he doesn't have to worry about losing Logan's generous tips. Ratner leaves, and Logan congratulates Veronica on spreading sunshine wherever she goes. Veronica: "That boy doesn't know it yet, but he's the living dead."

Wallace is lying drooling in his room, and his buzzing alarm is doing nothing to remedy that situation. However, Piz returns from the shower (in a robe, unfortunately for you viewers looking for some shirtless Beaverton) and yells at Wallace that if he's dead, as his roommate, he's entitled to all his stuff. Eh, I'd stick with what you've got, Piz. I know you're frustrated with the way things are going with Veronica at the moment, but at least you're in possession of something that resembles a subplot. Anyway, Wallace comes to a vague approximation of life, grabs his gym bag, and rushes out as Piz uses a tennis racquet to bonk Wallace's alarm clock into submission. Heh.

Wallace rushes onto the basketball court, and the coach, after a brief lecture about how he shouldn't stay out so late partying, tells him to suit up.

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