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Deputy Leo's pouring coffee, and smiles when he sees Veronica walk in. Might want to wait until he puts the cup down, hon. Veronica tells him straight-up that she can't date him any more. He tries valiantly to keep his goofy smile, but can't. She tells him that she's a train wreck, and outlines her recent dating history. Well, sure, we've all been there. Some of us have a time share there. A year-round time share. But your history isn't really an excuse. I'm not judging her decision to be with Logan right now, and I give her credit for telling Leo to his face. If she's telling him this half-truth to spare his feelings somewhat, I can understand, but I hope she doesn't think that she doesn't deserve him or that he's boring just because she's dated some idiots. Of course, if the real reason she's dumping him is the fact that he talks like he's holding a jarful of cotton balls in his mouth, maybe a white lie is in order. She starts to tell him how sweet he is, and if that isn't the most emasculating thing a guy can hear in this situation, it's surely in the top ten. She goes on that he's hot, and won't be single for long, and she cares about him, and blah blah blah someday-we'll-look-back-on-this-and-laugh-except-not-really-cakes. After a bit more of the awkward, Veronica tells Leo she has to ask him for a favor. Leo chuckles, for once wishing Officer Fuckface were around so he could protect him from this tiny blonde siren.

We cut to the pound, where Leo is knocking on the door in official capacity with Veronica at his side. Given the dog-themed favor, I guess Veronica knew Leo couldn't resist a call to help his brethren. He's very well trained, you know. The lights come on, and Desk Guy opens the door. As Veronica, Mandy, and Wallace file in, Leo orders Desk Guy to take them to the back. As the group passes a bunch of caged dogs, Wallace breaks off from the group to position himself in front of a door with a "KEEP OUT" sign on it. Desk Guy lamely tries to tell them that that's where they keep dogs with contagious diseases. Such as indigence. Fortunately, this crowd has already caught that particular strain, and Leo orders him to open the door. Inside, they don't find Chester, but they do come across several dogs that match the posters that Veronica took from Dog Beach. Mandy, distraught, leaves the room as Leo cuffs Desk Guy, who protests that Leo can't prove he had anything to do with the dognapping. Leo begs him to resist arrest. Yeah, Desk Guy, his girlfriend dumped him and called him sweet. You might want to go quietly. Suddenly, the group hears Mandy screaming, and Veronica and Wallace rush out of the room. They find Hans writhing on the ground as Mandy zaps him in the neck with a stun gun. I wish we'd seen the beginning of that scene. "Oh Mandy! You came and you DZZZZZZAAAAUUUUUGH!" Mandy rather psychotically is all, "You killed my dog!" and it's just a shame that Chester's name isn't "Precious." Veronica pulls Mandy away as Wallace grins. C'mon, you knew he was a sucker for a girl with a taser. And did Veronica lend that to Mandy, or did she get her own? Because if it's the latter, I think she took Veronica's little speech about respect a little too much to heart. I mean, couldn't she have started by rocking out to a little Aretha Franklin? But maybe it's for the best, as Hans gives up that Chester isn't dead -- he just sold him. Oh, Hans. Still think Veronica Mars is the coolest girl in school? You do, huh? That's kind of what I thought.

Leo puts Hans in a squad car, and then goes over to Veronica, who thanks him, and then wonders if she can ask him a weird question. Leo: "Do you ask any other kind of questions?" Veronica asks if Leo's sure that Weevil had a pen on him when he was arrested, and Leo says yes, and what's more, it was a pretty girly one. "So much for your bad boy." He leaves, as Veronica ponders her information.

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