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And oh, dear. Keith is taking hair samples from Veronica's hairbrush and putting them into a test tube. Cut to him pulling out one of his own hairs. Wow, he must really want to know if he's Veronica's dad if he's willing to spare one of the few good follicles he's got left. He puts the samples into a FedEx-type box, which is addressed to some testing agency. Just then, Veronica gets home, and Keith hides the box. Veronica gets right to it: Keith knew Weevil stalked Lilly and questioned him, so why did he get dropped as a suspect? Keith says they searched him and his home and did DNA tests, and there was no evidence. Also, he had an airtight alibi. He gets a box down from his shelf, and Veronica incredulously notes that all this time, he had a Lilly Kane murder file in a box marked "Playboys." Hee. Keith says that it's just the closed files, which he terms the "non-essential stuff." The essential stuff is marked "Barely Legal." Keith says that Weevil was on community service at the time of the murder, but Veronica points out that it doesn't clear him for the true time of Lilly's death. Keith thinks the Kanes wouldn't have covered up for Weevil. Well, no, probably not. And yet, Veronica doesn't look convinced. Time to get it in high gear, girlie.

Veronica and Mandy are in a nice neighborhood. Mandy rings a doorbell, and when the door opens, Chester runs out. Aw. Why not celebrate with a nice trip to the salon? Hey, I had to give it one more shot.

Veronica confronts Weevil about the pen. Weevil hands it over, and Veronica asks if there were any messages inside -- from him, perhaps. Weevil coldly replies, "Now if I told you, it wouldn't really be a secret message pen. Would it?" Here's something that's not too big a secret: Weevil can be just as much of a bitch as everyone else on this show. As this revelation dawns on her, we close in on Veronica's shocked expression, and then go to closing credits.

Next time: Mac is back. It looks like Veronica and Weevil are okay again. Veronica and Logan get hotter and heavier. And Wiedman orders Alicia to stop seeing Keith. I've got to eat a healthy diet for the next three weeks, so I don't risk a cardiac event.

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