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Sheriff's office. Veronica comes to see Leo, who notes he hasn't heard from her in a couple days. They exchange some banter about bondage, although if he knew what she's been up to with Logan, he might want to use those handcuffs in earnest. Veronica tells Leo she's there to see Weevil. Leo wonders what it is about bad boys, and upon hearing Veronica's description that they're "total good-girl bait," says he's doomed. I'd call that foreshadowing, but when the breakup is imminent enough that even a newborn baby knows that Leo should be stocking up on the ice cream and country music, it would be a bit of an insult to that dramatic device. Veronica asks Leo what they found on Weevil when he was brought in. The answer? "Seventeen cents, a couple condoms, a pen." Hmm. I don't think Monty Hall would give him much for that, but Weevil can be pretty persuasive.

Veronica enters the holding area, and Weevil asks if she has the nail file and the J. Lo poster he asked for. I hope he's going to use the former on the latter. Veronica asks what he was doing in Lilly's room, and tells him she knows about the letters. Weevil says that whatever she thinks she knows isn't the whole story. Well, she is the star of the show, dude. She's probably clued into that by now. Veronica points out that the timing is a little suspicious, with them discussing the murder one second and him showing up at the dead girl's house the next. Weevil gets pissy, and asks if she's going to help him. After a long look, Veronica says no, and turns to go. Weevil calls for her to wait. Well, Weevil, great poker player or not, it looks like your bluff just got called. He tells her that he had given Lilly a diamond ring that belonged to his mother that she had given him to save as an engagement ring. He didn't find it, but the Kanes want his head for his break-in, and now that he's eighteen, it's no more juvie for him, but, as Veronica puts it, "community soap." Aw, bringing me back to my days in Oz. It was pointed out on the boards that Weevil probably had no way of knowing that Lilly's possessions would still be in her room, or that the Kanes would even still have them after all this time. Perhaps, however, he figured since the square footage of the Kane estate is a higher number than the average family's net worth, they hadn't gotten around to getting rid of all her Ken and Barbie dolls just yet. And if you think those Ken dolls weren't anatomically correct, you just don't know our girl.

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