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Mars Investigations. Veronica has printed up some snazzy new flyers, and Wifey Jr. (it's easy to type, and I still don't know her name) notes how much better they are than hers. Considering your relative fashion sense, this shouldn't be coming as a surprise. Veronica gets the facts from Wifey Jr., which are that she was babysitting an 09er kid, but she herself is "practically an '02er.'" The kid's parents let Wifey Jr. keep Chester in the backyard. Also, she called the pound, but hasn't been down there, so Veronica suggests they go.

Chez Echolls. Haaron is reading Siddhartha. Um, hee, especially considering he's sitting on a contextually bizarre leopard-print couch. Don't think the Buddhists will approve of that. Trina appears and kiss-assedly asks if he's doing research for his next role. Ha! The thought of Haaron playing a Brahmin gives me the giggles. Haaron says that Phil Jackson gave him the book (um, hee, again) and said it would change his perspective. Trina suggests he option it. Honey, it's been done, and anyway, Haaron says he's through with acting. As Logan enters in the background, Trina asks if Haaron would reconsider if something really great came along, but Haaron New Ages that his job now is just to be there for the ones he loves. "Lynn's death was my wake-up call." And I'm sure she's so happy about that. So many people would willingly give their lives to pull a swelled head out of a massively clueless and cheating ass. Logan can stay silent no longer, not that that's his strong suit anyway, and frames Haaron's face with his hands as he snarks, "Push in on our hero." He makes barbed comments about Haaron's "weathered face" and "doting daughter," and then Yodas, "Important your family is." Hee. Haaron's moderately amused, while Trina looks like she wishes she could channel a previous incarnation and lilt, "Boorrred now." When Logan's finished, Trina tries to get Haaron to agree to star in an indie film her boyfriend is producing. Haaron: No. Logan laughs at Haaron's apparent commitment to change. Hey, Logan, maybe you could reconsider people's capacity for change the next time you're hiking your tongue down Veronica's throat. The doorbell rings…

…and a lawyer is informing the Echollses that Lynn updated her will a few weeks before her death. Interesting. Did she only do it out of anger at Haaron, or was there an inkling of her suicide thrown into the mix? (If she's even dead, of course. Much like Manuel on Fawlty Towers, I know nothing.) The lawyer informs Haaron that he was removed from the will, which Haaron didn't know, but takes in comfortable stride. Having piles and piles of money to land on will cushion any blow. Logan snarks that Haaron's accountants didn't give Lynn much of an allowance, and Haaron takes the opportunity to demonstrate his new commitment to Buddhism by sitting quietly. Lynn's will leaves her art collection, her personal effects, and $115,000 in investments to Logan. I'd think he's got a lot more than that in trust, but his twenty-first birthday is a long way away. Somewhere in Season Five, if Nielsen (grumble) is willing. Trina asks if Lynn took her out of the will too. Lawyer: "I'm afraid you were never in it." Lynn, whether you're on high, low, or right on our level, I hope someone's buying you a drink right now, because that? Was awesome.

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