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Chez Mars. Veronica enters and happily greets Backup 2.0. I'd like to point out that although the A-plot this week is a little facile, it at least has the virtue of dealing with a subject about which Veronica intrinsically actually cares. Her phone rings, and it's Hans. He tells her that he's got some bad news…

…and we cut to Mandy's teary eyes, and Hans tells her and Veronica that Chester was found on the highway, having been hit by a car, and they had to put him down. Since we're not even through the second segment, I don't think I'm spoiling much to say that Hans isn't the greatest liar. Mandy and Veronica both cry, and Hans gives Mandy Chester's collar. Mandy sniffs it slightly creepily and gets a slightly creepy smile on her face. We all deal with grief in our own way, I guess. The same goes for our hair, which Mandy also aptly demonstrates.

Kevin Hill may have made a big mistake. Y'all, I'm a pro here. I don't need setups like that.

Dog Beach. Veronica is walking Backup 2.0. She comes upon a bulletin board, which has numerous flyers advertising lost dogs, including Mandy's original. VMVO tells us that she and Backup 2.0 go by there a lot, and she's never seen the board covered with notices like this. She takes down a bunch of them, and it's worth noting that many of them promise rather hefty rewards. Aw. 09er parents may beat and even kill their kids, but they love their dogs. Well, except the Kanes.

Mars Investigations. Veronica calls the number on one of the flyers on which the reward is $750, and asks about the missing dog. Upon learning that the owner recovered it, she asks how that came to pass. She calls the number on another flyer, on which the promised reward is only $50, and learns that the dog hasn't been returned after three weeks. Same with a $100 version. VMVO tells us that only owners who have offered big rewards have had their dogs returned as Veronica doctors the $100 ad to promise $1000. VMVO says that she can't do anything for Mandy, but if someone's kidnapping dogs, he or she needs to be brought down, "then beaten with some sort of tire iron and dumped into the nearest body of water." And here again it's too bad that Alyson can't channel Willow and say, "A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend." Also, I'd point out that it's Chester whom Veronica can't do anything for -- there's plenty she can do for Mandy. Salons do sell gift certificates, after all. Veronica goes into Keith's desk to search for something, but looks up when she hears Mommie Sneerest ask what she said to Duncan. The woman in question is wearing a yellow overcoat and pearls, so you know she's distraught. She asks again what Veronica said to Duncan. Interesting -- did Logan set her on this track? I don't see who else could have, and between that and the weird way he told Duncan about Veronica's investigation, I wouldn't be surprised to learn he's playing a little game of his own here. Veronica: "Let's start with what I didn't tell him. I didn't tell him that his mother threatened to kill me. I didn't tell him that his mother drove my mother out of town." Well, okay, but did you tell him he's a psycho loony who killed his sister? Maybe just a little bit? Mommie Sneerest, in a more conciliatory tone, says that she knows Veronica thinks she hates her, but that's not the case. "I just can't stand to look at you." If that's your version of nice, Mommie Sneerest, I'm going to have to ring in with a "Take two!" Mommie Sneerest goes on that Veronica encapsulates everything that's wrong in Mommie Sneerest's life. At this moment, Keith enters Mars Investigations, unbeknownst to the people therein. Mommie Sneerest talks about Jake's infidelity with Lianne, and Keith trying to destroy the Kanes. Keith enters and coldly asks what Mommie Sneerest is doing there. She says she needed to talk to Veronica, but Keith isn't having that. Mommie Sneerest says he doesn't scare her. "If you were such a great detective, you would have seen what was going on right underneath your nose." That's better, Mommie Sneerest. You trying to be nice is like me trying to be…er, nice. She walks out. The phone rings, and Keith answers it…

…while out in the main room, Veronica tells Mommie Sneerest to wait -- Veronica will help her find Duncan if she'll drop the charges against Weevil. Now that's a real step in bringing the favor count even. Mommie Sneerest snarks that she's not surprised at the request, but Veronica says she might have an idea where Duncan went, and Weevil's release is what she wants in exchange. Mommie Sneerest wordlessly sweeps out. Considering how much she likes shattering people's dreams, her silence has to be taken as a "yes."

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