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Dog Beach. VMVO tells us that she has no idea where Duncan is, but Mommie Sneerest doesn't know that. Veronica staples the doctored flyer to the bulletin board.

Chez Echolls, at night. Logan's eating something in the kitchen as Trina walks by with a noticeable limp. She's also wearing Lynn's sunglasses, so I guess she can't say Lynn never gave her anything. She asks if Haaron's still at dinner, and Logan says yes, but he's not far. "I'm sure if you really tried, you can [sic] blow smoke up his ass from here." Hee. Logan snarks at her a bit more, but getting a better look at how she's walking, asks what happened to her, and rips off the shades to reveal that Trina's sporting a nasty black eye. He asks if her boyfriend Dylan did this. Trina struggles with her emotions, but remains silent. Logan demands Dylan's last name, but Trina says he had no interest in her problems before, so he shouldn't be wishy-washy. "It's so unattractive in a guy." Geez, I hope she wasn't turned on when his fist was connecting with her eye. Sounds sick, but then again, you're aware of her surname. Also, like many people in the forums, I was convinced that Trina was faking her injuries here, so nice misdirection by Alyson, if it was intended. If not, blah blah broken-clock-cakes.

School. Wallace is telling Veronica that he walked in on Keith and Alicia making out on the couch the night before. Veronica's squeamish about hearing news of the "parental PDA." Wallace says he had to share, as he couldn't be the only one with that image burned in his brain. Sounds like the experience of recapping Charmed. Veronica's phone rings, and the caller has news of the dog in the doctored flyer. She makes plans to have "her brother" meet the caller at the Dog Beach at 3PM. At Wallace's query, she clarifies that she meant "brother" in the sense of a little gesture she performs that looks a lot like "my broth-ah!" Hey, she's the one that made the little gesture, and Wallace agrees with me. He asks where she's going to get a thousand bucks. "If you rollin' like that, you really been holdin' out on a broth-ah." See! I got it right!

Dog Beach, which, from this angle, is the same place Veronica met up with "Karl" in "The Wrath Of Con." It's even more aptly named than I thought. Wallace waits anxiously, holding an envelope, and a white van pulls up nearby and a Hispanic dude gets out with the little dog in question. Wallace greets the dog enthusiastically, and asks the dude where he found him, but the dude is all, "No hablo ingles." Convenient, that. They make the trade, but when the dude starts to head back to the van, he hears barking, and Backup 2.0 comes bounding toward him. The guy may not speak English, but he understands this well enough. Also, it looks like the show found a trainer who knows what he's doing, as Backup 2.0 jumps on the guy and growls as the guy tries valiantly not to make mierda in his pantalones. Veronica appears and tries to calm the guy down as Backup 2.0 rips off his shoe. Hee. If you look closely, you can see Veronica sneak Wallace's envelope out of his jacket. Eventually, she gets Backup 2.0's leash back on, and apologizes to the guy, who mutters in Spanish about the crazy dog. He runs away, carrying his shoe. Hee, again. But the van seems no longer to be there, which is something of a clue. VMVO lets us know that she's tagged the guy…

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