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Veronica climbs out of the van to find Weevil in the parking lot. She's happy to see him, and he sort of thanks her and calls her "V," but says he is what he is. "Leopards, spots, you know what they say." Well, I know what I say about the Echollses' leopard couch, but that's probably not what he's talking about. He walks off, and Veronica watches him pensively.

Mars Investigations. Logan enters and tells her he needs her help. She asks if it would be weird to start her own drinking game. "Like I have to do a shot every time someone asks for my help?" I think the clients should have to do the shots, which would be pretty amusing. I can't even imagine what Mandy would do to her hair after a few shots of Southern Comfort. Logan says he needs her to track down Trina's boyfriend, as he beat Trina up. "I plan on returning the favor." Well, there are other things he did to Trina, too, but I guess we can just start with the violence. Logan tells her his name is Dylan, and tosses down the script he's producing. Veronica: "Easy."

Cut to Trina. Meta commentary? She's trying to cover up her black eye with makeup. Haaron finds her, and after some small talk, he asks if she's okay. She says it's boyfriend stuff, and it's no big deal. He says that she can talk to him, so she tells him that she got Dylan's hopes up about Haaron doing the movie, and now the financing is in trouble. This isn't the same story she told Logan, but it's the more believable one, considering that she had access to Lynn's credit card until fairly recently. Haaron tells her she has to come to him before making promises like that, but Trina tries to spin it that she just cares about him, and it's a "career-defining moment" he's passing up. Haaron considers that, and says he'd better hear about it, then, so Trina should have Dylan come by later. Trina hugs Haaron and runs off. I mean this in all seriousness -- props to Harry Hamlin there. He seemed so supportive, and yet -- especially since he didn't ask any direct questions about the ragingly obvious black eye -- he came off as just the slightest bit, well, off, and it's just the right amount of underground menace to foreshadow the scene to come. Which I will be giggling through, in case I seem a little incoherent.

Mars Investigations. Logan waits as Veronica makes a phone call, pretending to be a film distributor. She gets Dylan's last name as Logan looks on adoringly. Personally, I think this is about the least impressive thing Veronica's done on a case we've seen. I mean, getting your name out there in Hollywood is what the game is all about, particularly if you're a no-talent hack. And if Logan thinks Trina's good at blowing smoke up people's asses from a distance, he should bend over in the direction of Studio City. Veronica plugs Dylan's name into her crime search engine and tells Logan that two women have filed restraining orders against Dylan in the last five years. Logan calls Haaron and asks for Trina, but she's in the shower. As he preps vegetables, Haaron tells Logan that Dylan is coming over to pitch him a part in his movie. Logan snarks about Haaron's commitment to his family, but Haaron sharply tells him that Trina is family, and he's helping her out. "It's what dads do." He hangs up before Logan can tell him about Dylan. Logan, when you want to keep people on the phone, you have to be polite. It's the opposite of the telemarketer rule. Logan tells Veronica that Dylan's on his way to Echolls Manor. "My dad's cooking for him." You can make your own "knuckle sandwich" joke during the last commercial break.

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