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A rather birdlike woman is babbling to a dating-uniform-wearing Keith about the pros and cons of different dating services and how she likes not having to give a picture or her real name, and in an unrelated story, all bullfights in Spain go on hiatus due to a sudden shortage of red flags. Also, they appear to be in Java The Hut, so Keith must really be willing to test Veronica's new stomach. Keith says nothing, yielding their total number of words to that of a normal conversation...

...and then Mr. Wu is telling Angie that her mother sent her something: "Apparently it's more important than my class." Angie leaves without a "Duh," and then Wu calls Wallace up. Logan hands him the contraption and asks if he can rub his head for luck. Wallace is all, "You can try," and Logan once again has occasion to bemoan how few episodes Weevil is in this season. (He's not the only one, if you read all the forum complaints about the lack of follow-up of his storyline from last week.) Anyway, Logan and Dick get with the cheering, Wallace drops the bomb, and there's a Angie bursts back in with some balloons and says that she got into Stanford. Dick offers that she can be roomies with Veronica, and Angie, after a moment of shock at that unwelcome news, snarks that "somebody has to do the football team." Now that would be quite the aid package. Also, Angie makes me miss Carrie Bishop. Anyway, Echolls and Fennel pass, and Wu offers them the chance to try again from higher the next day. Dick sexually harasses Angie by way of Veronica and same-dorm lesbianism, and Angie responds by asking Wu for another partner, because "Dick is being inappropriate and didn't help with our project." No shockers in a sentence about Dick. Hard to believe. Dick lies that he "totally helped," but Wu calls him out, challenging him to pick out "their" project. Dick of course has no idea, and rather hilariously doesn't even give a good go of it, so Wu flunks him on the spot and says he'll see him in summer school. See? My idea's picking up steam! Logan -- seemingly, from his reactions throughout the scene, annoyed about Angie's treatment of both Dick and Veronica -- congratulates Angie on fulfilling the "Stanford bitch quota." Well, Logan, to be fair, someone had to, and you didn't even apply. She wishes him a good time at trade school and breezes out.

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