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So several people pointed out to me that at the gig last episode, it was actually Veronica that took Piz's hand. I think I must have been so overcome with anti-Piz rage that I couldn't actually see what was going on -- I hear that can happen. Either that, or my TV is too dark and I was way too close to finished with the recap to pay proper attention. But I think I'm going with anti-Piz rage. ROOWWWWR! Die, Beaverton!

Oh, I never mention previouslies, but this week is notable in that there aren't any. So in a way, I'm continuing not to mention them.

Veronica and Piz are sitting up in her bed (fully clothed, except for shoes) with their feet intertwined, playfully shoving each other with their elbows. If you're thinking of cringing at the method of displaying affection, I'd advise you to save it for Max's later Pamplona evocation. Piz and Veronica are each reading a copy of a book called Soldier Of Misfortune, and Logan's going to be pissed when he finds out there's a copyright issue with the title of his autobiography. Keith bursts in with a legal trivia question for Veronica, who doesn't bother looking up as she supplies him with the correct answer. Keith leaves just as quickly as he came, and Piz, kind of weirded out, asks what that display was. It was Keith acting like a speed freak, a legal dictionary, and a jack-in-the-box rolled into one. Veronica explains that she's taking her "PI exam" the next day. And she...hadn't told Piz about that until this moment? I don't often mind when they have to get the exposition in, but that felt particularly clumsy. Veronica goes on that she's going to beat her dad's score, and then "dine on the shared knowledge for a lifetime." That, or a supply of crow that I suspect isn't going to run out any time soon either. But, you know, whichever.

Keith pops back in and gets another correct answer and an admonition to bug Piz for a while. Keith amicably asks what Piz is studying, and Piz explains that the book he's reading is by a Hearst student named Apollo Bukenya, who was a child soldier in Uganda, never knew his father, and was forced to start killing when he was six years old. Now, as many people probably know, this storyline is based in truth, ("Invisible Children" is the commonly used moniker), and given the horrifying subject matter, I'm a lot more inclined to give any PSAs more of a pass than I would have (and Joe R did) on the "The Less You Know" (HEE, Joe) plotline of two weeks ago. But let's see how this goes. Piz adds that Apollo's mom was killed by the Rebel Army, and he never knew his dad, but Apollo managed to escape as a teenager and get to the U.S. He wraps up by saying that he's interviewing Apollo on his radio show tomorrow, and Veronica chimes in that the book's been optioned into a movie, plus Apollo is going on Oprah. "But Piz got him first!" Enjoy it while you can, Piz, before Oprah tears you into A Million Little Pieces. Keith tells Veronica that it's nice that one of her "gentleman callers" has more to talk about than how high the waves are breaking. Ouch for Logan, although given his plotline this episode, he makes it tough to argue the point. Still, I think it's in fairly poor taste to mock the recent ex with the current boyfriend in the room, and Veronica's facial expression heartily concurs. When Keith's gone, Piz is scared that the fact that Keith likes him is "the kiss of death," and I know I heard the words "if only" coming from the internet immediately following. Poor Piz is so in over his head. Remember when all he did was ogle chicks in a non-threatening way? In other words, when he was called "Wallace"?

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