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Veronica tells Kizza that Apollo is not so much going to be rich, so if he tracked him down smelling cash, he might as well take the red-eye home, IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION MY GOD. Kizza emotionally tells Veronica that he came to New York to survive, and he drives a cab, but he's been alone for twenty-one years, and if Apollo is his son, Kizza wants to be there to comfort him.

Odd cut to sometime later -- we're still at Mars Investigations, but Apollo is getting his blood drawn. Did Kizza go pick up some overnight gypsy work? Apollo suggests that Kizza isn't coming, and in a nice touch, Veronica is distracted, no doubt remembering her own experience with paternity tests. She says Kizza will be there.

Vinnie, in a suit, is at the sheriff's station, being overly cocky (in more than one sense, given the joke about his "big tent") as usual. Keith brings up Safehouse, and Vinnie admits he did some "consulting work" for them, prompting Keith to accuse him of colluding with the Fitzpatricks. And as I said earlier, like, HELLO. Vinnie asks if he can prove it, and leaves.

Apollo says it's been an hour, and Veronica apologizes, but he tells her he expects nothing, so he's rarely disappointed. I should mention that the actor has been playing Apollo, for the most part, with a decided lack of affect; however, I could see where a guy who had been trained to kill at age six would have untrained himself by getting as unemotional and analytical as possible (think Vulcan!) and so I don't put that down to a failure of the actor. Or at least I don't necessarily put it down to that. Veronica rides her I Know What You're Going Through face into the last commercial break.

Apollo asks Veronica whether she told Kizza that he was a fraud and wouldn't be coming into any money, and Veronica admits that she did. Apollo gets up to go as he thanks her for doing her part, and Veronica gets an I Don't Like How That Sounds look as she asks what he means. Apollo informs her that everything she told Kizza was "disinformation. To separate those I can trust from those I can't." Given the life he's led, I can forgive him a little grandeur. Apollo heads for the door, but Veronica stops him when she gets a phone call from Keith saying he's got Kizza downtown; he was picked up driving a rental with plates from a stolen car. Heh.

With Veronica in tow, Apollo uncertainly enters an interrogation room, where he finds a beaming Kizza. Kizza tells Apollo that he's not surprised his mother named him for the god of music, as she had a book of mythology that she prized. Apollo's overwhelmed as he remembers that that was the book she used to teach him how to read. The tears flow on both sides of the fourth wall as father and son embrace, and Kizza excitedly asks if Apollo would like to hear about his mother. Again, props to the show for leaving it to Kristen Bell's acting to tell us that a Lost Mother storyline is going to be especially affecting for her. I do enjoy the silence.

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