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We're still in the interview, as Apollo is telling Veronica that his "best friend James" told him that after he was taken, his mother came to the camp to beg them to give Apollo back to her. Veronica looks deeply affected, and it's not too much of a leap to think that someone else's mother tragedy would be very resonant for her indeed. He goes on to say that when they saw that James knew Apollo's mother, they made him shoot her. If you haven't seen a pretty obscure Danish movie called Brothers, I highly recommend it, and that's all I have to say on that subject. Veronica's overwhelmed, but she pulls it together to ask if Apollo has anything of his mom's. He does, in fact, have a shopping list his mom wrote for him on the day he was captured. I'd say that six years old seems a little young to be going to the market on your own, but that somehow seems to pale in comparison here. Apollo gets the list for Veronica, who fakes a need for better light to gain the opportunity to look at it with her back to him. She sneakily compares the samples, and VMVO notes, "A perfect match." Ooh, just like you and Piz! (My TWoP mail is broken at the moment, so I figure, what the hell?)

I wasn't kidding there, by the way -- my mail was out for a few days earlier in the week, so if you tried me and I didn't respond, that's why.

In the Hearst library, Parker has gotten Veronica's permission to unburden herself about Logan. And you'd think this would be weird, but in practice, it really isn't -- maybe it's partially her new thing with Piz, but Veronica seems truly okay with Logan and Parker for the first time here. Anyway, Parker tells Veronica about the trip, and asks if that's how Logan is, or only how he is with her. Veronica says that's how he is, of course having had bad associations with Logan and surfing trips. Dick's presence isn't going to help matters, either. Veronica then clunkily asks if Mac isn't around for girl talk, as if it weren't obvious that Parker's looking for advice from an ex, and I know they've been hanging out, but I still hope to God that "LoMac" not only hasn't but never will be realized. Parker's says Mac has fallen into the "black hole" of new love. "She only comes up for air." I see the censors leave for the summer early around here.

Mac opens the door to Max's room and retrieves a pizza from the delivery guy, and then sits with Max on the bed and says she has to go to classes the next day, as she's getting lost in the "sex, nap, eat, repeat" loop. Well, that pizza looks pretty good, but I could have done without hearing about the rest of it. Particularly since Max isn't wearing his glasses, which is not a good look (ooh, sorry) for him. As long as I'm on the subject, I couldn't care less about Mac's Minor Relationship Issues; I enjoy her character and I'm glad she's back to having fun, but I fail to see what they have to do with any overarching story the show is trying to tell, and I don't need to see them on screen at all. So, short version: Mac is dismayed that Max hasn't been to class since February and has no intention of doing anything to ward off expulsion. If you'll forgive my eight-year-old-girl imitation, whoop-te-do!

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