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Later. Veronica arrives home with Backup 2.0. Keith tells Veronica that Wiedman "stopped by," which is an interesting way of putting it. I mean, it's not like he came over to borrow a cup of sugar or anything, although it would have been hilarious if he'd tried that after Keith caught him at the door. Keith says he sat there for an hour thinking about how proud he was that he was making the Kanes nervous, only then he realized that he hasn't touched the case in months, and that it must therefore have been Veronica causing them consternation. Well, if it took you an hour to figure that out, perhaps it's only fitting that Veronica's taking the lead here. Veronica informs Keith as to who Amelia is, and Keith realizes that she changed her name, she is receiving the payoff, and Veronica is harboring her somewhere. See, Keith? You can figure these things out more quickly if you just pay a little attention. Keith emotionally asks Veronica if she realizes what a dangerous game she's playing. Veronica says she's protecting Amelia and the money trail, and that Amelia is willing to help them. Keith notes that Amelia must really love Koontz if she's willing to trade $3 million for three months of his life. I assume he means that Amelia still is owed $3 million from the settlement, and that Koontz would have three months outside of jail before he's expected to die. Veronica's surprised to learn that Keith knows about Koontz's stomach cancer, but doesn't tell him that she lied to Amelia. Keith proposes a "new game, new rules" -- she has to promise that she'll be more careful. Promise it and mean it, I believe is the implication. In return, Keith tells her that he found a cell-phone record showing that Jake called Wiedman five minutes before he claimed to have arrived home the night of the murder. Keith realized in his investigation that Lilly's core body temperature didn't match the rest of the timeline. Veronica realizes that Keith is saying that Jake called Wiedman after discovering Lilly's body. The forensic implication is that the temperature of Lilly's body was artificially lowered to make it look like she died earlier than she actually did, which explains the smoking speeding ticket. I'm really interested to know why Lilly was in such a hurry. And there's certainly a joke in there about living fast, dying young, and leaving a pretty corpse. Shame about the sucking head wound, but they have people who can take care of things like that.

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