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Hat And Mouse

Outside, Sabrina's waiting for Veronica in Veronica's convertible. Veronica opens up her laptop and tunes in to the sound coming from the bug in the pen. Gonzo asks his mom who that band is he likes. Tool? No, it's Hall and Oates. "John Hall and Daryl Oates." Have to make more coffee, because hee. Gonzo starts singing "Private Eyes," and Veronica and Sabrina look up to see that he's looking right out the window at them, using the bugged pen as a microphone. Will not laugh. Too painful. Gonzo hams it up with some ass-slapping, which ew. Sabrina looks at Veronica all "This guy cannot be for real." Word, sister. Eventually, Gonzo tires of this game -- not too soon for me, either -- and drops the pen out the window and heads back inside. And now I'm out of coffee, too. Dick. Sabrina's disappointed, but Veronica tells her to give her a little more credit than that. I don't think this sequence was meant to fool anyone but Gonzo, which again, doesn't seem that difficult. Veronica now taps into the visual signal coming from the camera in the spirit pin. Gonzo tells his mom they need to get rid of the car, and also makes it clear who hired him to harass Sabrina. It's...

...Hamilton's dad, who's addressing VP Clemmons, the Kane parents, Sabrina and her mom, Hamilton, and Veronica, at the Kane estate. He's telling them that Hamilton never had a fair chance against the kids he had to compete with. Well, the fact that you paid a PI his daily rates to harass you son's competition sort of steps on your own point there, sir. I know it was a discount PI, but still. Jake suggests that if Sabrina and Hamilton finish the year one-two, he and Mommie Sneerest would be willing to split the scholarship between them. Not exactly King Solomon, but then again, Solomon probably didn't look as good at age forty-seven. Sabrina's mom negs that suggestion, saying that she won't press charges only if Hamilton removes himself from the valedictorian race. Clemmons asks if that's the only solution she'll accept, and Sabrina's mom -- to her credit, or some degree of it -- doesn't answer right away, but before Clemmons can propose an alternative solution, Hamilton stands up and says he'll withdraw from the race. Veronica tells him they can't force him to do that. Hope you've already collected your four hundred bucks, hon. Hamilton sighs, "They just did." Well, yes. I know we're supposed to feel sorry for him, and he seems like a good kid, but this resolution was hardly unfair given what his dad did. True, Sabrina's mom could have been more diplomatic about the whole thing, especially given that she's the PTA president, but looking at her progeny, it doesn't seem like she's likely to be wired that way.

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