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Outside, Veronica catches Hamilton and says she's very sorry. I feel cheated that we didn't get to see the conclusion of the last scene, with Mommie Sneerest offering everyone a cup of coffee and a nice plate of awkward. Hamilton tells her it's okay, and half-jokes that he's going to work a couple jobs and go to a state school: "Twenty years from now, she'll be working for me." Hamilton leaves as VMVO tells us how great Hamilton is, and that he loves his dad no matter how much he screws up: "It's the exact kind of love I'm banking on from Amelia DeLongpre." That's a little ham-fisted there, I have to opine. Maybe you all can work on the season! Woo!

Wiedman is staking out Amelia's hotel room. How did he find her? I didn't catch that the first time, but that's going to bug, a little. And to tell you the truth, I don't really understand why Wiedman waited to go after Amelia until he thought Veronica had figured out who she was. The only way that makes sense to me is if Wiedman wanted it to transpire this way. Okay, now my head hurts. Stupid show. Wiedman stops a guy emerging from the hotel and asks to borrow his cell phone to call triple-A. We're meant to assume this guy is Amelia's boyfriend. The lesson is that relying on the intelligence of the audience saves speaking rates. More shows should try it. I should point out, though, that Veronica specifically told Amelia not to tell her boyfriend where she was. Kids today -- they never listen. Especially not the ones worth millions.

Amelia calls Veronica and tells her that the papers have arrived. Veronica says she'll be right over, but takes the time to ask how Amelia is holding up. Amelia says that all she can think about is what she's going to say to her dad when she sees him. Considering he's set you up for life, you might want to start with "thanks." Amelia's cell phone rings, and her boyfriend's picture pops up on it. She gets off with Veronica (not like that) and takes the call to hear Wiedman's voice telling her that Veronica isn't who she says she is. But are any of us really who we say we are? Can you ever really know anyone? Oh, he means about the working relationship she claimed to have with her dad. Well yeah, that was a lie. Also, I wonder what Amelia's boyfriend is thinking while Wiedman is carrying on this conversation. But again, thanks to SAG, we'll never have to know.

At Mars Investigations, Veronica tells Keith the news, and they head out to Amelia's hotel.

Veronica and Keith enter Amelia's hotel room to find Wiedman reading through some papers. Wiedman mildly says he won't be needing Keith's services after all, as Amelia took off, all upset that Veronica hadn't told her about her dad's terminal condition. Well, she can't remember every single little thing that comes up, now, can she? Wiedman adds that since Amelia has her own Swiss bank account, she might be headed for points Alp, and thanks Veronica for bringing Amelia to Neptune, since she just finalized her dad's agreement with Kane Software. Much like the land Amelia may be currently winging her way toward, that shit is cold. But really, Amelia's got a boyfriend, final exams, and a dying father in the area. Does it make sense to assume she's dropping everything and leaving the country? Did she even have her passport with her? I mean, not that any of this really matters now that she's signed the papers, but still. Anyway, the Marses leave, defeated.

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