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VMVO wonders what to do now. Keith walks in to find Veronica sitting on the floor in his office next to the safe. He admonishes her to sit in the chair, and tells her he changed the combination to the safe. He calls out the numbers as he turns the dial, and Veronica's impressed that he used random selections, which is something she mentioned in voice-over in an earlier episode that he instructed her always to do. Keith tells her that they're actually the numbers of the flights he and Lianne took on their honeymoon: "I never can remember the random ones." Awwww. I love these little moments between Veronica and Keith. Keith plops his file on Lilly's murder down on the desk, and father and daughter, for the first time, are a completely united front. Watch out, Neptune.

Some time later, Veronica is noting that Jake and Mommie Sneerest both obviously lied about their alibis, but asks why Keith suspected them of covering up what happened in the first place. Flashback to Keith asking Jake and Mommie Sneerest how long they'd been home when they discovered Lilly's body. Jake answers that it was five minutes -- ten at the most. He says he knew the kids were home, so he decided to check out by the pool, and he starts to break down as he says that's when he found Lilly. In a very nice touch, Keith looks through the glass to see Duncan sitting catatonically, just like in the pilot. Unfortunately, what's not like it was in the pilot is Mommie Sneerest's short hair. Since it's Keith's memory, though, maybe we can just conclude that he likes to imagine people with as little hair as possible. Were I bald, I'd probably do the same thing. Also, I'm assuming this scene is taking place after Veronica rushed from the car and everyone saw the body, although it seems weird that they're just leaving Duncan outside to do his best autism impression. Speaking of whom, Keith asks where Duncan was when Lilly was found. Mommie Sneerest says he was in the shower, since he beat them home, but he hadn't gone out to the pool. This is a little confusing: is the implication that the Kane parents were watching Duncan play soccer? Because where does the Neptune Grand fit into all that? Keith regards Duncan, and then a buzzer goes off. Keith asks if they're doing laundry, and Jake stares a moment before nodding. Hmm. As the Kane parents look guilty, Keith tells Veronica that the Kanes had two full-time housekeepers and probably hadn't done their own laundry in years, so why would they start a load upon discovering their dead daughter? Keith adds that it was a soccer uniform he found in the dryer. This doesn't explain why Keith thought it was Jake who killed Lilly and not Duncan. Veronica looks gobsmacked and nauseated as VMVO tells us that Duncan and Lilly didn't always like each other, but they always loved each other: "He never would have hurt her." Creepy flashback to Lilly lying on her stomach by the pool. "But what if emotional turmoil, the same kind that caused him to attack his father, turned Duncan into someone else entirely?" A shadow falls over Lilly, and she says to whomever it is that he's blocking her sun. She turns to see Duncan, and screams as he swings a weapon toward her. The closing credits come up, and we scramble to make sure our TiVos, DVRs, and VCRs are all set properly for next week.

To come: bunch of stuff, most notably Duncan realizing that Veronica thinks he might have killed Lilly. Veronica, just because he's your ex doesn't mean he's a killer! Of course, it doesn't mean he's not, either.

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