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Now, it's not like this recap isn't long enough already, but I've kept pretty quiet about who I think killed Lilly, and it's not like keeping quiet is really my strong suit. So I thought I'd mention that I think it's ironic that Veronica reached the point in the episode where she really suspects that Duncan is the killer. This is spoiler-free speculation coming, but if you'd rather not have your thinking influenced at all, by all means, DON'T READ ON. But I've thought since early on that Duncan was the most likely killer. I thought it had to be a Kane, because who else would have the motive and means to convince Koontz to take the fall? And the Kane parents seemed much more likely to cover up for their son than for each other. But that theory just seemed incomplete to me. It lacked the depth I expect from this show. And now this episode, with its emphasis on the settlement, convinced me I was wrong. I now think Koontz is the killer. I think all the pieces fit. Koontz swore revenge on the Kanes. Once he found out he was dying, it was then or never to act. It's not a stretch to think he could have known about Duncan's medical condition -- he and the Kanes share a doctor, and he's a sneaky bastard. He knew the Kanes would do anything to protect their precious son, even if they thought he killed their daughter. All he would need is an accomplice, and Wiedman comes to mind as a strong candidate. Wiedman could have fed Koontz information on the whereabouts of the Kanes that day, helped Koontz to pull off the crime, helped to "cover up" Duncan's involvement, helped to broker the deal that would get Koontz millions to give to his daughter, planted the shoes on Koontz's boat. He could have taken the pictures of Veronica on his own initiative, to distract the Mars family. And Koontz, sick bastard that he is, would be dining out on the irony that the Kanes paid millions for him to take the fall for a crime that he, in fact, committed. How would everyone react to learn that Lilly's death was the direct result of the sins of her father? It would be twisty, it would be brilliant, and it would have a unique emotional fallout and satisfaction.

And it's obviously wrong, because I never figure shit like this out in advance. But hey, it was fun to come up with. Oh, and the rape? No idea.

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