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...and we're back on her in the present, where she's smiling as Jake talks about the full scholarship he and his wife are giving in Lilly's name. Incidentally, she had short hair in Veronica's imaginary flashback, probably just to emphasize the point that what happened was pure speculation. VMVO tells us that Jake doesn't look like a killer, but you don't run a company like his without a killer instinct. Imaginary flashback to Jake discovering Lilly on top of a chaise longue. Jake is wicked pissed, possibly because between his daughter and the chaise is a shirtless Weevil. Weevil starts to go, but Jake grabs him. Lilly tries to pull Jake off, but he tosses her aside, and she fatally hits her head on a table. Jake snarls that if Weevil tells anyone what happened, he'll be blamed. This is the least believable of the three scenarios we see, but it's still creepy. Props to Kyle Secor.

Inside, Veronica hears Lilly's voice call to her. She walks out to the pool, where Dead Lilly, looking exactly the same as when she appeared to Duncan, says that it's the Worst. Party. Ever., and asks what she's doing at "Nerd Fest." Well, dear, you are indirectly responsible for it. It is funny to consider that Mommie Sneerest might have killed Lilly just to throw events in her name that would annoy her, though. Veronica says that the Kanes are hiding something, but Lilly tells her that though they have their faults, they're hardly murderers. And right here is where I dropped Duncan as the killer. Hey, even Laura Palmer told Cooper the truth about who killed her. If only he understood backwards-speak, we would have been spared the second season. And that would have been emosewa. Veronica asks who did it. Duncan appears behind her and asks if she's okay. Well, the obviousness of that transition isn't going to change my mind back. Duncan smiles and asks whom Veronica's hiding from. She hems and haws, but Duncan serenely tells her that he comes there sometimes too, as they both stare at the spot where Lilly was found. He adds that, at first, he begged his parents to sell the place, but "now it's kind of nice. Peaceful. When I'm here, I feel like she's still with me." Man, this is the most natural Duncan has acted all season. That alone would kind of freak me out, but considering it's happening on the spot where his sister's brains leaked out of her ears, the upshot is super-creepy. The kids head inside. Oh, not Lilly.

Neptune High, outside. Veronica finds Sabrina, who complains that she's exhausted, and that she only got an 86 on her AP Biology exam. In my day, AP exams were graded on a scale of one to five. Of course, in my day, the only people who even had pagers were drug dealers, so let's move on before I have time to contemplate why I'm recapping yet another high-school show. She adds that she's now lost her narrow lead in the valedictorian race, and shriekily asks why Veronica hasn't gotten Caz to stop. Veronica says she's sure it's not Caz who's dogging her, and asks who's in the lead for valedictorian now. Sabrina looks around, and points out Hamilton. Bitchy entitled spoiled girl, or industrious boy who's the embodiment of the American dream. I wonder whom the show wants me to root for? Oh, also, Sabrina's wearing a big Pirates pin. And yes, that will be somewhat important later. Because this show is emosewa.

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