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So Bye, Bye, Miss Lillian Kane...

Cut to Lilly speeding through the red light. Nice. She puts the (here, clearly three) tapes into the vent. She grabs a magazine and some tanning lotion. Out at the pool, Haaron stalks up and demands the tapes. Lilly: "Mr. Echolls, hi! Sorry, Logan's not here." Oh, Lilly. I don't think he's really in the mood for your normal introduction. Particularly since I'm not hearing any "bamp chicka wow wow" music at the moment. Haaron gets more and more worked up, calling Lilly a "stupid little bitch." Lilly breezes that now he can just watch the tapes on Access Hollywood along with the rest of America. Well, as last words go, she could have done a lot worse. Although it is kind of sad to think that a contributing reason she would have made the tapes public is to annoy her mother. Haaron picks up a heavy ashtray and smacks Lilly across the temple. Man, she even gets a lot of air. I'd also point out that this is the most oblique way I've ever seen the message "smoking kills" delivered. Take note, Haaron psychotically bends down over Lilly, realizes she's dead, and wipes the ashtray off on his shirt and throws it in the pool. He runs off.

Later, Duncan, in his soccer uniform, discovers Lilly's body and freaks. He holds Lilly to him, getting blood on his face, and begs her to wake up. Nice job from Teddy Dunn here. He starts to rock catatonically, which is a nice touch considering how Veronica found him in the pilot. His parents rush over, and the scene we saw earlier unfolds, except that Jake is much more agitated this time around. He repeatedly yells, "What have you DONE!" at Duncan, who's retreated into catatonia. I wonder if Wiedman got stuck with the job of cleaning him up. Not that some people on the forums wouldn't have volunteered for the job.

Duncan, shocked, asks if Haaron could really have done this. Veronica tells him that Haaron's psychotic: "I watched him beat a guy into a bloody mess and then ask Logan how his school day was." Well, sure, but at least there was jaunty music playing. If it didn't soothe the savage breast that time, it at least worked on the audience. Veronica adds that Haaron beats Logan, and Duncan nods like he knew or at least suspected that. Interesting. Duncan tells Veronica that Haaron is at the party. Veronica says she has to get the tapes to her dad, and asks Duncan to keep a close watch on Haaron until she calls. This is ill-conceived, certainly, but if she thinks Haaron isn't going anywhere, it's not absolutely insane. It's also worth pointing out that if Veronica had audibly made a plan with Duncan to stay and call her dad, Haaron might have attempted to kill them both right there. He must have been listening when they played the tapes, just to be sure they were in good enough condition to identify him, because why risk committing an unnecessary murder? Not that knowing all this in retrospect makes Veronica's plan look better, but still. Veronica starts to leave, but Duncan calls after her to be careful. Veronica comes back into the room to tell him that they're not brother and sister. Duncan blinks in shock, and Veronica smiles and leaves. Duncan thinks to himself, "It's okay to enjoy those wet dreams? FUCK YEAH!"

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