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So Bye, Bye, Miss Lillian Kane...

Speaking of which, you'd think as a matter of respect for how good the show is, they'd spare us commercials for Britney And Kevin: Chaotic. I'm all for anything that gets Stee recapping again, but still.

Veronica's phone is ringing as we return to the wrecked car. With her head on the steering wheel, she groggily regains consciousness.

Keith gets Veronica's voicemail, which sadly does not play an inspirational message. I think Keith could use one right now. Such as, "GET THE FREAKIN' LEAD OUT, BALDY!" Hey, you can be inspirational without being polite. Or so I choose to believe. Keith tells Lianne that he'll be back.

Veronica fully comes to and realizes the situation. She sees Haaron unconscious next to her. She manages to retrieve the tapes from her bag, but her phone is down on the floor in front of Haaron. She whimpers as she reaches down slowly to try to retrieve it, looking for all the world like she's reaching into a tiger's mouth with a hand covered in barbecue sauce. Get it over with, honey. Anyway, before Veronica can reach the phone, Haaron stirs. I assume that the stun gun is similarly out of reach. Veronica gets out of the car and runs up a driveway to a nearby house. She seems to be slightly injured, which certainly limits her choices. She desperately knocks on the front door and shrieks for help, but none is forthcoming. She starts to go around back, but sees that the passenger door to the car is now open and Haaron is gone. Given the horror-movie conventions here, it's just ironic that Haaron was a slasher victim on Halloween. Veronica runs around the back of the house, and tosses the three tapes away -- one into a washing machine, one into a garbage can, and one up on the roof. She almost falls off the porch from a scary-looking height. A light comes on upstairs, and she runs to the plate-glass door and starts banging on it. A middle-aged guy opens the curtain, but suddenly drops like a rock. Veronica stares uncomprehendingly until Haaron appears in the glass. Considering that you could knock her over with a feather right now, it's kind of unsporting for Haaron to use his fist. Also, I'm not sure about a fist going through a plate-glass window, but if we're going for a horror-movie feel here, it seems right to overlook details like that. I mean, at least Haaron isn't wearing a hockey mask and surviving bullets and axes to the head and the like. (Hey, I hope I didn't just ruin Season 2 for you.)

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