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So Bye, Bye, Miss Lillian Kane...

Hospital. Veronica -- sporting a nasty bruise from where Haaron clocked her -- watches an unconscious Keith worriedly. The doctor enters and tells her that Keith will be fine, and that she should get some rest. Veronica doesn't want Keith to wake up alone, and the doctor suggests calling someone. Veronica smiles to herself. Well, they both like Deputy Leo, but Keith's going to be kind of out of it. It's probably too much to ask him to filter out the marbles.

Veronica returns home, and a worried Lianne asks what happened and if she's okay. Veronica says she'll tell her the story in the morning, but first she needs Lianne to pack. She emotionally tells Lianne she knows she's still drinking, and that she checked herself out of rehab even though Veronica spent her college money on it: "I bet on you and I lost. I've been doing that my whole life. And I'm through." You know, I just assumed when Lianne appeared at the end of the last episode, it was to contribute something to the murder investigation. If she was staying away to protect Veronica, as she claimed, then why else would she risk returning? But now I'm thinking, despite the pictures, her entire story was a series of exaggerations and lies. At this point, I'd pay to see her gone. (Er. That's an expression, right?) Lianne tells Veronica that it's not easy, but Veronica, with a steely gaze, pointedly says that she knows it's not, and goes into her room.

Keith wakes up to find a smiling Alicia. Awwww. Get ready for stepbrothers, Veronica!

Veronica collapses into bed.

Lianne takes the reward check out of Keith's bag and leaves with her stuff. It's a cashier's check, but it is made out to Keith, so I'm not at all clear that she can negotiate it, but I think we're meant to think she can. Either way, I don't want to say what this makes her, but it rhymes with "white-trash asshole irredeemable witch."

Veronica dreams of herself and Lilly, sporting matching bikinis and chaise longue rafts, floating on a lake full of lilies. They agree that this is how it's supposed to be. The straight males in the audience could not agree more. They share a wistful moment, and Lilly tells Veronica not to forget about her. And just like that, she's gone. Veronica, with a tear running down her face: "I could never." I'd ask who's with her, but perhaps I'll save strain on a lot of rotator cuffs and just ask who's not with her.

A knock at Veronica's door wakes her up. It appears to be 3:07 AM, and if you want a dissection of the significance of that, you can just go on the forums, since I'm about fifteen seconds from summer vacation. Veronica opens the door and smiles: "I was hoping it would be you." And with that, we fade out on a season that shows how television should be done.

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