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So Bye, Bye, Miss Lillian Kane...

That said, there were a couple of problems with this episode, I'd say. The whole horror-movie sequence wasn't an issue in and of itself. Just because the idea seems clichéd doesn't automatically make it bad -- the reason most movies that follow those conventions suck is that they're badly written and wildly unbelievable. The sequence with Haaron and Veronica was neither, but I do find it a bit distracting that she left the party the way she did. Not much, but a little. And I'm not completely clear on Haaron's actions either. He had to know that Duncan would find out that Haaron killed Lilly, and it was reasonable to conclude that Veronica's and Duncan's parents would find out before Haaron could recover the tapes, so was he planning on killing Veronica, destroying the tapes, and hoping he could get away with both murders? It would have been a lot more reasonable for him to try to leave the country. Still, it was engaging and well-paced, and I wasn't at all unsatisfied with the killer's identity. Plus, there's also the little fact that Haaron was crazy. Also, the possibilities this episode laid out for characterization reversals are staggering. Assuming that Logan's okay, he's going to be less popular next year than Veronica was this year. On the other hand, Droopy Duncan may be back to his pre-Lilly's murder self, which will be interesting to see, as will Jake Kane's quest for revenge. And Veronica's going to have to deal with the loss of the fuel that drove her all year, and reinvent herself to some degree yet again. It should be great, and I look forward to it. After a nice long break. Hope to see you all in the fall!

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