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So Bye, Bye, Miss Lillian Kane...

Keith and Cliff meet with Mommie Sneerest and her lawyer. Mommie Sneerest says that she'll pay the $50,000 reward for Keith's finding Duncan if Veronica will sign away any claim to the Kane estate. Some people on the boards said that Veronica can't legally sign away her rights until she's eighteen. Hey, I'm three and a half acts from summer vacation. You think I'm researching that, you're the one to whom that shot glass's message applies. Cliff doesn't know what's going on, but Keith says he'll allow Veronica to make the decision, as soon as he figures out how to explain it to her. Mommie Sneerest: "Keith, we both know your daughter knows exactly why she's being asked to sign this. And we both know it's better for everyone if she does." Well, at least she's a compassionate conservative. Poor Cliff is so flummoxed that we don't even get a witty rejoinder from him. There's a first time for everything.

Mars Investigations. Veronica enters, and Keith invites her to sit on the couch with him. He explains that Mommie Sneerest agreed to pay the reward if Veronica signs the papers waiving any claim to the Kane fortune. Veronica doesn't hesitate to sign, and Keith gets choked up as he asks her if she knows what she just gave away. She flatly tells him that there's nothing she wants from them, and he confirms that that's exactly what she parted with -- nothing. He produces the test results, and tells her he's her father. She breaks down and they share a long hug, and then she's all, "Yeah you are!" He counters that her charm isn't learned behavior: "That's genetics, baby!" Aw. And baldness doesn't even come from the father's side. Despite this touching moment, I'm not sure how much I like Keith's testing Veronica with the waiver. I certainly don't blame him for being curious about how she'd react, but actually forcing her to prove herself denies faith in her feelings, and it's not something he can now undo. The more I think about it, the more I think this shows quite a defect of character, not that you'd know it by their goofy smiles. Veronica suggests that they put a dent in the reward check and celebrate, and given what's to come, that's a suggestion that shouldn't have withered on the vine. Keith, however, thinks that they have enough on Logan to go to the authorities. Veronica's smile collapses on the inside.

Chez Echolls. Officer Fuckface shows up with a couple of deputies in tow. He shows Haaron a warrant, and says that they need to search Logan's room. Haaron asks why, and Fuckface tells him that there's new information in the Lilly Kane murder case. Haaron does look subtly shifty here, although I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't at least have heard about the Koontz news. Haaron starts to protest, but Fuckface is all, "Come on now. You've been in like, what, thirty cop movies?" Hee. I'm going to type what I hope is the last I-can't-believe-I'm-writing-this sentence of the season: I've missed you, Fuckface. He tells his deputy to search the air vents. Haaron calls after them: "Where's my son?"

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