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So Bye, Bye, Miss Lillian Kane...

Veronica is walking Backup 2.0 through a crowd of people. In a nice bit of editing, when the ones behind her disperse, Logan is standing there. He appears to be wearing a surfer's wetsuit under his shirt, which would imply that he went home and changed? Okay. He asks if they broke up. Veronica looks both guilty and scared, but asks what he wants her to say. Logan: "'Logan, I'm gonna go home, and put my head in the oven because I can't go on living knowing what a heartless bitch I am!'" Dude, if you want her to give that long a speech, at least hand her the sides. Veronica threatens to sic Backup 2.0 on him, but Logan calls her bluff, getting down on his knees to receive an affectionate kiss from the dog. Aw. Logan sniffles a bit, and then more calmly tells Veronica that he knew Lilly was seeing someone, and it was driving him crazy. (I do think the way in which he's telling her this story implies that, on an intellectual level, he can understand why Veronica would think things look bad for him.) When he left Mexico, he didn't know how he was going to react when he saw Lilly again. He parked across the street from the car wash and watched her, and this feeling came over him, like he knew it was over. Apparently, he didn't know the half of it. He wrote her a note and left it in her car. Veronica asks if it was with the shot glass, and he confirms that. Logan adds that if Veronica read the letter, she'd know he'd never have hurt Lilly. A horn honks repeatedly, and Keith gets out of his car and yells for Logan to get away from Veronica. He keeps screaming as he comes toward them, but the effect is made somewhat comical by the fact that he's jogging though sand. Logan, if you don't get away from her within fifteen minutes, there's gonna be trouble! Logan makes himself scarce, and Keith hugs Veronica and asks if she and Logan are dating. Veronica: "Not anymore." If you freeze the frame and look at the ocean, you can just make out a boat named Pacific Princess disappearing under the waves.

Veronica looks melancholy as VMVO tells us that Logan's letter was never discovered. People on the boards wondered if Weevil could have taken it from the spy pen, but if it's as exonerating as Logan claims, it seems unlikely that Weevil would have tried to bash his brains in. Veronica watches a video of her and Lilly dancing around and singing along to the Spice Girls' "Wannabe." Hee. I went to a Halloween party at which five of my friends dressed up as the Spice Girls back in 1997. I bet you didn't know that Posh Spice could be effectively played by a six-foot-seven man. I will say, however, that the rendition of "Wannabe" at that party was a bit less, er, crisp than the one Veronica and Lilly are currently performing. VMVO adds that if Lilly wanted to keep the letter a secret, she's got an idea of where it might be. She flashes back to Lilly telling her that a guy she met in Italy sent her some pictures. She gets up on a chair and uses an electric screwdriver to take off the grate on an air vent, explaining that Mommie Sneerest is "a bit on the nosy side." To counter that, Lilly left matchbooks around the room with phone numbers of "Tyrone, and Leroy, and Chico." Veronica asks who they are. Lilly: "Beats me. But they seem to really upset Mom." Hee. Lilly shows Veronica the pictures, and Veronica's eyes go wide as she says they're naked photos. Lilly: "They certainly are." Considering their reactions, I'm guessing that underneath this guy's clothes, there's an endless story. When he's wearing clothes, that is.

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