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Veronica notes that "Froggy" thinks whomever was impersonating her is still online, and it's pretty sloppy that that person didn't at least sign out of her IM program. Then again, since her handle is "LifeIsABeach," I don't think we're dealing with the most titanic of minds. Veronica asks Froggy if he can get a password for her, and he responds, "Another one?" Oh, Froggy. You are up zee creek, sans paddle...

...because VMVO tells us she followed Froggy, who's obviously Henri, to "the low-rent version of Lovers' Lane: Inspiration Rock Quarry." It's so low-rent, in fact, that there's no one else there. I'd think that was weird, but I guess you have to be extra-careful when you're committing...does anyone know the French for "statutory rape"? Veronica takes a bunch of pictures through the car windows as she says there's something seedy about being the "interruptus in someone else's coitus." I thought the seedy part was taking photos of naked people, but then, I don't write voice-overs for a living.

In the hall at school, VMVO muses over who would have gone after Saint Blonde. She quickly solves the mystery for us by calling Kimmy over and confronting her with the photos, and threatening to make them public. Kimmy admits that she got the passwords from Henri, but says it was Pam who posted the fake Veronica test. "She hates you 'cause Duncan is still hung up on you." Hmm. I wonder if Shelley, the chick who got called the wrong name, told Pam about that, but that's not something I could imagine she'd want to advertise. More likely Duncan told one of his friends and it got out that way. Veronica asks why Kimmy posted the fake Saint Blonde test, and the answer is that Saint Blonde gets everything that she, Kimmy, wants. Veronica sunnily thanks her as she opens her locker to reveal her camera, that's apparently been filming the whole time through the grate in the door. Hee. Veronica asks if it was Henri running the purity test website, but Kimmy denies it. In a badly-dubbed line, Veronica says that Pam and Kimmy aren't smart enough to pull that off, but Kimmy says he doesn't even know what the purity test is. Well, yeah, and there'd be no point in his taking it even if he did. Once you answer yes to "Have you ever committed statutory rape?" and "Are you French?," they pretty much skip you right to the end. Veronica walks off. Kimmy calls after her, "What are you gonna do with that tape?" Hee.

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