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Feels So Bad Inside

...and we cut to said clothes, which are soaking in one of the toilets. Veronica, when you fish them out, you might want to take an extra second and grab your social life. A blonde girl rushes up and starts to ask if Veronica found her clothes, but trails off upon seeing the spectacle in porcelain, at which Veronica is staring bitterly. Blonde Girl: "People can be so awful here." I guess she knew Wanda. Veronica makes a conscious decision to let it go, turning to the girl and smiling, "Does this towel make me looks fat?" Blonde Girl asks if Veronica wants something to wear, but from her tone, it sounds like Veronica's humiliations may not be over just yet...

...and boy howdy, is that the case, as outside, Veronica's dressed in Blonde Girl's cheerleading uniform. Hee. And as it happens, the uniform is the midriff-baring variety, ensuring that the straight guys in the audience are filling in for Veronica in saying "Awesome!" and "Oh wow!" Blonde Girl apologizes, saying she usually has sweats in her locker, but Veronica says it's fine. Blonde Girl invites Veronica to join her for lunch at the cool kids' table: "You're already dressed for the occasion!" Veronica spies Ugly Owen Wilson at the table, as if she didn't already have enough reason to decline that offer, and says she's going to go home and change. She thanks Saint Blonde for the offer, and heads off amid more ogling and tee-hees. God, get lives, jerks.

Ugly Owen Wilson is on a laptop, reading a couple questions from an online test for the purpose of advertising his sexual prowess. One: remember that for later. And two: ew. Saint Blonde sits down in some other guy's lap, and some bitch asks her if Veronica is wearing Saint Blonde's uniform. Upon hearing an affirmative, she suggests that Saint Blonde, whose name is "Meg," make sure Veronica washes it, and goes on to say that Veronica's a skank. Well, I don't want to jump to conclusions about how this bitch lives her life, so perhaps I'll simply suggest that there's a reason the expression "It takes one to know one" is a classic. Skanky bitch. Saint Blonde says that Veronica's cool, but Ugly Owen Wilson tells them about Veronica putting the bong in Logan's locker (for which he apparently got suspended). Some girl who looks a little like Lilly mentions Veronica telling that other bitch "Ashley" about her father's affair. I have to say, I don't really understand this sequence. Wouldn't all these kids be in on all this gossip already? And if Saint Blonde is that open about liking Veronica, wouldn't she have come under fire from her friends way before this incident, particularly since Duncan is one of them? It just all seems kind of sloppy to me.

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