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Grand Misery

Kendall heads out, but Veronica enters, and greets Kendall with a "Mrs. C! I trust you're well." Kendall says something about trouble, and Veronica takes the opportunity to point out that trouble starts with "T," which rhymes with "C," which stands for...and Keith snaps Veronica's name. Damn, I can't imagine where she was going with that. Maybe I'll figure it out by the end of the episode. Anyway, Keith asks what the doctor said. Veronica: "Well, you got your money's worth." Heh. She then lies that she's fine, and I guess that after all the snarking on Kendall, she's too lettered out to say "STD." She asks Keith to borrow the remote cameras that night. Keith asks why she needs them, and Veronica says that it's for a school project. Keith cutely sing-songs that he doesn't believe Veronica, so she comes clean about the stalking, although she doesn't mention Gia as the stalkee. Strange choice there, it seems to me, but she does tell him soon enough. Anyway, Keith offers a trade -- Veronica can use the camera if she sends a copy of the sketch we saw earlier to everyone on their business contact sheet. This is why Veronica never tells you anything, Keith. The sketch is of the guy who hired the hooker to steal Cliff's briefcase. Veronica, with a combination of sincere- and faux-sympathy, notes that the hooker stole Cliff's heart as well, and Keith agrees that she must have been something: "'Cause he WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT." Hee. You could always call Loretta Cancun, Cliff. She really seemed to like you!

Veronica's bedroom. Veronica opens her laptop, and tells Gia that she has cameras on the roof, so if Gia was followed there, they should be able to spot the stalker. Gia opines that it's very Mission: Impossible: "I feel like at any moment, Tom Cruise is gonna dangle from the ceiling on cables." Veronica looks up: "I hope he doesn't try to marry me." Well, I'd sleep with one eye open, Veronica, because you certainly fit his ideal height profile. Anyway, once the image of the street appears, Gia quickly spots the car, which she says is "totally nondescript." Veronica identifies the car as a 2002 Silver Galant, and Gia suggests that they order the guy a pizza to freak him out. I'm glad I know which one out of this pair is the PI, because it's not readily apparent from their conversation. Anyway, Veronica zeroes in on the license plate ("IOU875", FYI), and quickly identifies him as "Leonardo D'Amato." Gia asks what kind of loser that is, and I'd say it's the kind that steals the originals of evidence tapes when he only needs one copy. See what I mean about the bitter and rhetorical questions? (Keith may not have told Veronica about that, though, it's worth noting.) Veronica also answers: "Greek Italian. I used to go out with him." Yes, and given that, you'd think he might have known what he was in for at this particular location. Well, at least I like him. Credits.

Neptune High. Veronica catches Logan in the hallway. They debate whether she's looking like talking to him is preferable to either spelunking or making out with a broken bottle. I don't know whether either of those descriptions is an accurate assessment of her facial expression, but I will concede that Logan's guess that she's about to say something awkward couldn't really be more spot-on. Veronica asks whether Duncan might have been with -- "and by 'with' I mean 'with'" (hee) -- someone other than Meg, and Logan sighs that there was a blonde girl who "smelled of marshmallows and promises." Wow, it's like he heard her voice-over at the end of the pilot. Veronica points out that "Promises" is the name of her perfume, causing Logan to smile somewhat unflatteringly (think "Alvin and the..."), and then ask why Veronica wants to know. Veronica says that it's for a college application, but she's purposely unconvincing in her delivery. Also making this declaration somewhat unconvincing is the fact that she's already been accepted to college. Take your pick. Logan -- who, with all his sexual experience, would have to be pretty slow on the uptake not to realize the likely reason for Veronica's question -- says that Duncan didn't talk about his sex life much: "But he'd blush, and shower a lot. That's how you'd know he was getting some." I'd wonder why we never saw that, but all the red stain it would have required may have been too expensive for the show's budget. Veronica gives a grand speech about forgetting everyone in high school, a sentiment I can at least in a broad sense certainly understand, but Logan gives her an invitation to his "Alterna-Prom," which requires formal attire, but otherwise has no rules. I'd wonder whether the fact that it takes place on Friday the 13th is supposed to signal bad luck, but on this show, what are the chances that a detail like that could be important? Veronica notes the irony of the '09ers getting the prom canceled and then hosting their own private one, and then turns him down flat. When Logan tells Veronica that she can bring whoever she wants, though, she says she'll consider coming. The Squee-Meter clocks out of the scene at 5.

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