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Grand Misery

Java The Hut. Private Citizen Leo is telling Veronica that he's working private security now, and that he was surprised to hear from her. Leo asks about her love life, which she says is terrible, and he tells her that his is as well. They could just as easily be talking about their shows' ratings, but maybe they didn't want to get really depressed. At least Leo got a flattering haircut out of Modern Men. Anyway, Leo is pretty obviously giving off the vibe that he'd get back on board the good ship Veronica in about two seconds flat, although I wonder whether the recent leakage would delay his entry. But that's not what Veronica has in mind, as Gia appears, and Veronica asks why Leo's been stalking her. Leo confesses that The Woodman hired him as security for Gia, along with another guy, "Earl," who's probably parked outside. One would hope he's parked at a more professionally discreet distance than Leo managed, but competence in this line of work doesn't tend to go unpunished in Neptune. Leo adds that he doesn't know why The Woodman wanted the security, but that there was probably "some sort of threat." That's about the right level of vagueness to qualify as some sort of Gia Terror Alert. I'm guessing the colors on that meter are pretty trippy. Leo kind of heartbreakingly realizes that Veronica only wanted to see him on business, and she doesn't soften that blow at all. Sigh. He really was very nice to her, not that that isn't a recipe for viewers shorting out their remotes with sleep-induced drool. Anyway, when Leo's gone, Gia notes that "he's cute, in a tough, mumbly kind of way." Shout-out? Actually, I thought his diction was much improved in that scene, but he's already forgotten, so I'll move on. Gia wonders whether the security "has anything to do with that thing with your dad." Veronica's all, "Huh?," so Gia pulls out a copy of the paper, which has a picture of Keith and an article about The Woodman being questioned about Keith taking the woman, a "campaign staffer," out of the Camelot. Gia says that she doesn't know what the big deal is, because Keith "was just doing what he was hired to do." Veronica stares at Gia in disbelief, since Keith never takes his business to the South Side. Unless you count Cuba.

The Woodman's office. Keith marches in holding up a copy of the paper, and lights into The Woodman for the comments he made in the article, since he blamed Keith for getting the staffer drunk: "I help you, and this is what I get?" Glad you're following along, Keith. The Woodman closes the door to his office, and babbles that there was a camera somewhere or other in the motel; with the incorporation vote coming up, he couldn't tell the truth. Keith says he thinks that The Woodman is confused, and adds, "I'm voting against incorporation." From the stunned look on The Woodman's face, you'd think Keith had said he was voting against Police Academy residuals.

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