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Grand Misery

Chez Mars. It's dark out as Gia arrives. She babbles that her dad told her the security was just part of "normal election precautions," and agreed to terminate it since it was creeping Gia out. However, she then got home and found a DVD...

...of Gia's brother Rodney playing soccer. Wow, he takes piano lessons, plays soccer, and is part of some seriously weird ritualism. It's nice to see a young kid so well rounded. The footage also shows Gia and The Woodman on the sidelines, and Veronica opines that something creepy's going on. Well, if The Woodman wasn't involved in something creepy, it wouldn't be...Sunday. (Fucking Nets.) Commercial.

Neptune High. Veronica finds Gia in the journalism room, as Gia complains about having to meet her deadline. I'd invite her to pull up a chair and tell me about it, but I don't have time at the moment. Veronica pops in the DVD and quickly notes a mother-type shooting almost directly across from the mysterious cameraman; she thinks that the mother probably caught him on her tape at some point, which should put them in business. Unless, of course, her kid let in the winning goal and she got rid of the recording. Not all parents in Neptune are into scarring their children for life, contrary to what we've been led to believe on this show.

Mars Investigations. Keith is telling his reporter buddy that although he's worked for The Woodman, he never investigated any campaign leaks, and certainly never used alcohol to facilitate questioning. Not purposely, anyway, although I'm sure he blurted "Where the hell have you been?" more than a few times over the years when Lianne came staggering home. The reporter tells Keith that he might want to put this on the record, since The Woodman has been implying that he caught Keith taking advantage of the staffer, "Jennifer Stansfield." Also, Ms. Stansfield disappeared from the hospital before being treated, and now no one can track her down. Well, considering the hangover she must have, I'd start with all the places she could get either aspirin or Bloody Marys. Or, ideally, both.

Neptune High. Wallace is suggesting that, in lieu of the prom, he and Jackie could have a lovely evening at a batting cage. Yes, a night that reminds both of you not only of Jackie's dad, but also of what weapon he's likely to use on you should you boink his daughter seems like an ideal romantic getaway. Perhaps you can go watch some pigs being castrated on the way to the motel. Anyway, Jackie nixes that idea, because she probably still wants to wear her dress and have a hope of looking good in it in the future. Jackie then mentions that she's going to visit her dad in the hospital that afternoon. She gushes that her dad finally has time for her, and if I were Wallace and insecure, I'd wonder whether the fact that she's so happy to get attention from a captive audience says something about her standards, generally. After Jackie makes a comment about "male wishful thinking," Veronica joins the lovebirds, and tells them, with reasonable enthusiasm, about Logan's prom, and they in turn seem excited, particularly since Wallace claims that when he puts on a tux, he makes "James Bond look like Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel." Some folk'll never engage in male wishful thinking, but then again, some folk'll. Mac Velmas her way up, hoping that Butters doesn't know about the Alterna-Prom, and then Corny Shaggily joins them, and asks whether they said "Alterna-something." Veronica looks up at Corny with wry amusement. Not that I don't like Corny in small doses, but I still think you can do better for a date, Veronica, if, like, from a conversational standpoint, like, alone, or whatever.

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